Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Afraid of Vacuum

Ever since our daughter heard and determine the sound of the vacuum she develop a somewhat phobia on it. It is not the worst phobia though. She just don't want to be put on the floor once you are doing the vacuuming. What I do is to let her touch the vacuum before I clean our floor. If hubby is doing it, she wants me to carry her. I think the loud noise scare her that is why she cried when she first heard it.

I bought her a toy vacuum and she knows how to use it. I always tell her young mind that it is the same and it is used for cleaning not to scare her. Because we are vacuuming the floor almost everyday, she will only look at me but I have to let her know first that it's okay so she will not cry. Now hubby is cleaning the carpet and then vacuuming it while our DD is in her high chair. She is watching her Daddy so intently. When her Daddy put her down she walked towards the vacuum and touched it.

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