Friday, November 7, 2008

Horrifying Text Message

A horrifying text message to me is like "please call it's an emergency". If you are living overseas or away from your family and you receive such message, I bet you will be horrified. My sister always sends texts just like it. She did it to me twice. First when our uncle passed away last month and then the other night she did it again. So I called right away and holding my breath until I was able to talk to my Mom.

Indeed, the news is not good. My nephew, my older sister's only child had an accident. He is 10 years old and in 5th grade. He goes to a Catholic school and every Friday they have student mass. After mass my nephew along with his classmates went to the canteen for snacks. They were eating at the picnic shed outside the canteen. Nearby was a maintenance guy grass cutting. When suddenly he shouted in pain and was holding his eye.

A stone was hit by the blade of the grass cutter and flew hitting him in the eye. He was in real pain so his teacher brought him to the nearby clinic. The doctor who saw him told the teacher that he needs to be seen by an Ophthalmologist because she saw the damage and she is not an eye doctor. She gave a referral note and told the teacher to call that doctor's office to make sure he will be taken cared of when he gets there. The teacher then called my sister and that same day he was brought to Butuan City.

The Ophthalmologist checked his eye and the monitor showed his lens and iris were badly damaged. He needs an eye operation right away to prevent it from further damage that will result to cataract and blindness. The doctor will take out his lens and preserve it. The doctor will also fix the damaged iris. After a month he will have surgery again to put the lens back. I was really trembling when I heard the news but I am glad that the doctor assured them that he will be able to see again. For the meantime he will wear a contact lens with grade so he will be able to see while waiting for his original lens.

My sister was really mad and asked the teacher why on earth they let the maintenance guy do the grass cutting when it is school day. What if the blade came off and flew, it could have been deadly. Their reason is that it's an impromptu cleaning because they will have visitors' yada, yada. The school promised that the insurance will cover all the expenses. I just hope that everything will be alright with my nephew and he will get back his sight.

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Babette said...

That is scary! I hope everything goes well with the operation.

shirley said...

Praying for healing for your nephew. The school do the responsible thing and pay all of his medical bills and future medical bills that has anything to do with that eye. You may want to seek legal advice. May he get his sight back!

Ritchiela Anyi said...

Let's just hope and pray Bless.

Shawie said...

oh geeezzzzz... hope everything's fine now...

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