Sunday, November 16, 2008

School Update

Yesterday was our second test for my Medical Insurance Coding and Billing class. The test I would say was easy but very tricky true or false questions. I don't know how I did yet but I am not expecting an A on it. Our instructor also checked our workbook and glad I was able to answer up to Chapter 10. We will only have one more meeting left this coming Saturday, November 22nd. We will not have class on Thanksgiving weekend. Our final test will be handed out to us on 22nd as well. It is a take home final exam to be submitted on December 6th. Our instructor told us we can either mail it to her or submit it on the 6th. I still have to think about mailing it or wait until December to submit it.

With my Medical Law class, I had a B+ on our first test. Out of 50 I had 43. If I had 44 it will be an A-. Most of my mistakes were answers that I changed. I had the first answer right and then changed it to something else. This teaches me a lesson to trust on my instinct :-) We did not meet on Veteran's Day. This coming Tuesday we have to submit our assignments and we will have a guest speaker that will talk to us about health care here in the US. Our finals will be set whenever between December 2-12. I am hoping it will be a take home finals as well :-)

I am just glad that this quarter is about to end. For next quarter, since all my subjects is not offered in Winter, I will look for another class preferably an online class so I will not go to the campus. I haven't decided yet what class but hopefully something that will be credited when I pursue other medical field.

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