Sunday, November 2, 2008

Selling Old Stuff

We have a two bedroom apartment and a good size closets but still we are in need of space to store our extra stuffs especially the baby gears that our DD is not using anymore. Hubby thought of donating it. All her baby gears are still in very good condition. I asked hubby to wait because maybe we will get pregnant again. Then he told me that for sure if we will have another baby I will get new stuff again.

So we decided to sell it and if it will not be sold we will donate it to Goodwill. We will be selling her crib with mattress, rainforest mobile, rainforest swing, bouncer, bassinet, and other stuffs. We had the pictures of it taken then we posted it in our mailbox area. We are selling it, of course, at a very low price. I hope we can dispose all of it soon because we are planning of getting a toddler bed for her. I already found online and I showed it to her. Seemed like she like it because she kept pointing at the picture. Hopefully everything will work out fine.

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