Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopping for the Holidays

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? There are 43 days left for Christmas :-) Surely, time flies so fast. Around this time last year we moved here in our apartment. We will be celebrating our second Christmas here. We decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorations after Thanksgiving. With regards to shopping, I am almost done with my shopping for my balikbayan box. The last box I sent, my family received it about 38 days. So sending the boxes I have now this Saturday, hopefully, they will get it by Christmas time.

Maybe during black Friday we we will shop for Christmas gifts for our kids and send it early to them. I am scouting from different stores who offers good deals though because I know that stores are also marking down merchandise to entice buyers. We were at Sears this afternoon and I was stunned with the low price of flat screen television. The same thing with Walmart and Best Buy. But we don't need new television just yet :-) I am looking at new computer monitor, so hopefully I can get one for Christmas :-)

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Lynn said...

having started shopping yet, wala pang bonus eh. lol.

anyways, got something for u sis...


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