Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

Another week awaits us and this includes the Thanksgiving celebration this coming Thursday. Our weekend passed by so quick. Saturday I attended our last meeting in school. Supposedly the last day of school will be on December 6 and then our finals but we only meet on the 6th to submit our take home finals. We already have our final exam and I need to finish it before I forget :-)

After school on Saturday we went to do errands. Went a little shopping at Ross Dress for Less, yeah I am into frugal finds, and check out Bed bath and Beyond as well. Afterward we headed to the Commissary on post for grocery shopping. It was raining a little bit in the morning but glad that in the afternoon the rain stopped.

Sunday me and our DD just stayed at home while Daddy went to church. We woke up late and I don't want hubby to be late for church so I decided to just stay at home. I finished up packing my balikbayan box and the two boxes are full already. I still need a tape to finished sealing the second box. I will have it picked up this week. Around 4pm we headed out to Capital mall because I wanted to use my 20% off coupon at American Eagle store. I got me a jacket and hubby a sweater. We just browsed around and decided to head home.

Our weekend is the usual weekend we have. How about you? Hope you had a great one :-)

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Happy Thanksgiving

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