Friday, December 26, 2008


Month of December is really a busy month for my family back in the Philippines. My deceased brother was born on December 24; my older sister was born on December 25 as well as my niece Karen; on December 26 is my niece Sweet's birthday; and on January 1st is my father's birthday. The celebration is overlapping as all of them celebrates their birthdays. For the rest of the family, we can't forget their natal days.

This year, the celebration is being held in different places. My sister and her family went to her in-laws and my nieces in their Grandparents home. For my niece Sweet, her birthday is kinda sad one because her Grandfather, father side, passed away. She don't want to have a celebration like they used in the midst of her Grandfather's wake. Those that celebrates their birthdays on the 25th of December is really lucky because the whole world celebrates with them, isn't it? :-)

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