Friday, December 26, 2008

Cord Blood Banking

When we decided to have a child, we talked about it extensively because we know how life-changing it is. There are many things a couple has to consider before deciding to have a child. There are the surmountable responsibilities that needs to be addressed to once you have a child; not only with the monetary aspect of it but also the possibilities of having an offspring with special needs or difficult medical conditions, which can challenge emotions and well-being.

One thing that I regret to plan ahead when we got pregnant was to have our baby's cord blood preserved. I remember I asked my Pediatrician about it and she highly recommended it to me. I talked to my husband about it but I guess it flew off our minds. I wish I was able to do it. I already had the form from Cryo-Cell , the leader in family cord blood banking, but I totally forgot to fill it up and wasn't able to start the process. If I get pregnant again, I will definitely do it. The preservation of stem cells of the umbilical cord of our babies are known to treat about 70 diseases and have been used in 8,000 transplants or over worldwide. This

If you are pregnant right now and expecting you need to consider cord blood banking because this can help save life as protecting our child's future. I know we are dealing with economic crisis but Cryo-Cell is helping families by offering a big discount of $725 once you enroll online using the promotional code D995. You only have to pay $995 for processing, testing and first year of storage plus they will waive the cancellation fee in addition to it. So, for Moms to be and those who are planning to have kids, this is a chance to start protecting your child's future.

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