Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deep Freeze

My car parked in the parking lot without cover was coated with snow and the plant near our window is almost buried.

I wrote previously that snow is coming up and indeed it came and it's a lot. According to the forecast, we will experience deep freeze in the coming days. The weekend weather shows cloudy but sunny but it will be very cold. Then come next week, snow is coming back. Last night we went out to get some stuff at the store and hubby went to his workplace. Tonight we are planning to go out also but due to the ugly weather we just decided to stay at home. Hubby cooked our dinner and when he went out to throw our trash I asked him to take pictures of the outside. I did not dare to go out with our DD because it's very cold and the snow are still pouring.

At the front of the management's office. The stone fountain is covered with ice/snow

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Bryan Karl said...

Good thing snow does not exist in our country. Well it would be weird if it does.

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

ooooh brrrr!! Not looking forward to heading into that type of climate next week!

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