Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eye Problem

When I woke up Friday morning I felt a searing pain in my right eye. I can't open it for long because it hurt so bad. It seemed like my lacrimal gland did not stop producing tears because my eyes kept tearing. I was still in bed in our DD's room. When hubby came in I asked him if my eyes are red. He told me a little bit. I wanted to go back to sleep hoping the pain will go away but unfortunately did not. I even asked Recel on YM about her symptoms because I knew she recently went to her eye doctor for check-up.

The whole day of Saturday was really a bad day for me. I even shunned away from the computer because I may have strained my eye muscles from always facing the computer. I only checked emails and did a little of blog hopping. To ease the pain, I did cold compress on my eye and it did helped a little bit. I decided to go to sleep early also hoping it will help more. Fortunately when I woke up this morning the pain is gone and I can open my eyes without tears already. Thank God it is not worst as I thought it was. I guess my eyes just need to rest away from the computer to recuperate. I still have to schedule an eye exam soon to make sure I don't have eye problem at all.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

pastilan nalang jud bless. gipang-kapoy na jud atong mga mata aning atong kalaki sa puter! mo-demand na jud ug break ba! :)

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