Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fall Qurater Has Ended

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Wow, this quarter passed by so quick. All my finals are done and I can already relax, though in all honesty I have been relax with my classes :-) I did crammed with studying but thankfully the results are all great.

When we, me and hubby, enrolled for classes I was concerned if we both can handle the schedule. Fortunately, we did great and although there are glitches and some discussions between us, we were able to finish the quarter positively. It was my first quarter back in school after I gave birth. Our schedules complemented rightfully.

This winter quarter we have a problem with schedules. Hubby will have two months of training in different places. One month in California and one month here in Washington but in different place. It is a live-in training for a month. This means I have to check for online classes. I will have to call my adviser what class I can take online and register for it. If none, then I have to wait until spring quarter to register.

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