Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got Bad News

I called my Mom earlier and she got my call while they're in our farm. My parents are in their 70s already, Dad will be 75 this January 1st (New Year's day) and Mom will be 70 in July of next year, but they are still very active going to our farm walking for 30 minutes one way. So, she said they're at the farm doing some work and checking for fallen coconuts. Then she told me about the bad news. Our neighbor's son, whom I consider to be like my brother, died in a motorcycle accident the other night. He is the son of my 3rd grade teacher and his sister is one of my childhood bestfriends. I really felt the loss because he is very respectful to us and consider him us one of the family. Their family is our close friend being our house next to each other. 

The accident was a result of teenage drunk driving. Both him and his friend, the driver, died in the said accident. During the accident he was with my nephew, my sister's son. My nephew was driving another motorcycle and was following them. The driver probably drove fast and hit the rotunda with grills around it in our town. The impact was so hard the driver was killed instantly. My nephew brought them both to the hospital but the other one was pronounced dead. He was still brought to the biggest hospital in another city but after few hours he passed away.

Now my nephew is in a state of shock. I think he was really traumatized of what happened because he was there when it happened and when his friends died. It really served a lesson to him not to drink and drive. I was told he wasn't drunk but his friends were. I will talk to my sister and have him talk to a counselor or somebody that can supervise him because it can really create a trauma psychologically. For our dear friend who passed away, he may rest in peace and my prayers and thoughts are with his family that are left behind.

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Relimom said...

That's terrible news!

I think it's very good of you to get your nephew some counselling.

Kerslyn said...

so sorry for the loss. 3 of my high school friends died from motorcycle accident too. d talaga safe ang motor...most esp. if drunk ang driver. buti pa maglakad...hehehe.

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