Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Pays to be Prepared

Now that I am already married and have a child, my priorities have changed. Before I am only thinking of myself and even if I help my family out, I still did not foresee the future. When I got married I learned a lot of things that I thought I should not be concerned of; one of which is getting a term life insurance. It intensified when we got pregnant and have a kid. Questions like what if something happened to me who will take care of my kids, how they are going to pay for everything, and all the what ifs I can think about. It really pays to be prepared on this kind of things. We are going to pass this world but once and we need to make sure that we know what will happen to those that we left behind. How about you? What are the things that you can suggest to prepare us when the inevitable happen? Hope you can share.

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NovaS said...

it is a must to make sure that we have insurance to give something to our loved ones, if something happens to us...

if you have time bless hope you like this tagged i pass on u

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