Friday, December 19, 2008

Multi-Media Social Network

Have you heard about Kerchoonz? This is a new multi-media social network where artists and music fans can go to enjoy music streams and downloads. They provide these streams and download for free but they will pay the artists and labels. If you are a fan or just a listener you can also make money by referring bands and artists to register and use the site to promote their music. This is really cool! I register an account and initially browsed the site. I was able to play music that I love and I had fun with the ABC word games. My highest score was 49 :-). Aside from the things I mentioned, you can also send instant messages to your friends who are also registered at Kerchoonz.

I think the creator of this site is really making a new multi-media revolution combining technology, music, advertising, entertainment, and social networking. This is also a good way in phasing out piracy, hopefully, because they will pay the artist when somebody downloads or uses their music which is only fair to do so. So, if you want to experience how Kerchoonz work, you can register now for free. I am sure you will be hooked into this especially if you love playing games and downloading music. If you are already registered, don't forget to tell your friends to register as well.


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