Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Final Exam Down

On Saturday I finally submitted my final exam for my Medical Insurance Billing and Coding class. Our instructor gave it to us since November 22nd. But I was able to do it on Friday night. I always put it off and crammed at the end. Hubby was reminding me about it and told him I will do it. So since I did it late I am not really confident if I did it well.

Even if we have books to look at, still it is different. It is application of what we were taught in class. Our test was to submit an insurance claim and make sure we filled up the form correctly so the insurance company will not reject it. I will know what will be my grade in two weeks. I hope it will be a good grade :-) My finals for my Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics class will be on Tuesday.

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