Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow is Melting

I am very glad that the snow is already melting. When we were hit of that snow storm, the snow, slush and everything were almost up to our knee. We are seeing white landscape for two weeks and now I already see greens. Oh I am just so happy that all these snowing have ended for now. I said for now because we are still in winter season. I am sure we will still have another round of snowing. But hopefully it will not as heavy as what we had two weeks ago.

This snow storm that passed really raised havoc not only here in the Northwest but also in Northeast and Midwest. We heard airports canceled numerous flights, people stranded in the airports on the holidays, stranded in their own houses, and accidents. Here in our county, there were carports and roofs collapsed due to the strain of too much snow. Even a retirement home was vacated because of the sagging roof. Now the problem of flooding and flash flooding needs to be watched out for. So to those that have been affected with the snow storm should ensure your drainage is not blocked because it can cause flooding when the melted snow cannot freely flow.

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