Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weight Gain on Holidays

As we are heading to Christmas we know that we are going to feast as well. I am telling you that right now I gained a little bit of weight from Thanksgiving celebration. My husband is also dealing with a bit of weight gain too. I told him that we may not cook much for Christmas because friends are inviting us to their houses. I don't want to end up looking for diet pills to curb down the weight we gained :-) I have written in my other blog that I tried to counsel my nieces to follow a healthy lifestyle and here I am not in control of what I put in my mouth. How ironic, right? But as long as I know my limitation and I can discipline myself, then I will be okay. I have to double my effort though since at this time of the year, winter, exercising is usually going to the backseat. We need to be more motivated in order to sweat out and shed off all the extra calories consumed during this holiday.

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Tammy Lessick said...

I do my best to watch what I eat, but your right, it isn't easy during the holidays. One thing I do is not buy anything in the bakery section of the store. I love the desserts that come out during the holidays. If I don't buy them, then I won't eat them.

Relimom said...

Theory is always much easier than practise, I find!

My way of keeping in shape is going out for a run. Not only does this burn the calories off, it's also a great way to get into mental shape.

Mizé said...

A Good Christmas!

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