Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wish for Christmas

Seven more days and it will be Christmas. I know some are already done with shopping and others are still completing the wish list shopping. All of us have wishes to get this holiday season. Even I myself got a wish, not a material thing but the hope to see my family back in the Philippines. Although it will not be this Christmas but hopefully before Christmas of next year :-) I talked again to my parents earlier and my Dad was saying he misses us so very much. I asked him aside from us, what else he wants for Christmas. He said that hopefully I can send lots of pictures to them especially of our little one.

This got me an idea of sending them a CEIVA Digital Photo Frame with all our pictures in it. I saw this cool gadget at If you visit the site, you can experience how cool this photo frame is. You can upload pictures into it anywhere you are in the US. I tried uploading mine through the site and instantly my picture appeared in the photo frame. It's very amazing! I am pretty sure my parents will love it. So check sit on Santa's lap now and get this wonderful gift idea. You can also enter the got a wish sweepstakes and have the chance of winning $500.


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