Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrapping Gifts

I am all set when it comes to my gift wrapping. All the kids have their gifts and the three kids in Hawaii will get theirs tomorrow as it will be delivered there through USPS. I had a hard time getting my gift for hubby. I ordered some online but until now I did not received it yet. I think it got stuck because of the snow storm as well. But I also bought two things for him from Sears when we went to the mall. I told him that we have to part ways so I can buy him something without him knowing what it is. I was at the counter and I have to tell the checker to hurry and put it in the gift box right away since he is somewhere in the store. The guy was laughing at me. I was glad that I already had it wrapped when him and our DD showed up. This is a problem when you are always together when you go out. You will have a hard time getting one for him since he is around.

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