Thursday, December 31, 2009


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May you all have a blessed, prosperous and peaceful new year 2010!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Protection

Winter is nice but then too cold weather is I don't like. Reports through our local news TV station said that along with snowing, flooding is one of the consequences. There was an advised to those who are living near lakes, rivers and streams to make sure to get flood insurance because there's a big possibility that water level will go up when snow starts to melt from the upper side. For those who live near bodies of water should check out home insurance quotes and start to protect their properties. It is not yet too late to do it. To some it is not their priority but it is a must to make sure properties are covered once calamity hit.

Job Loss

My friend who live in Philadelphia told me that in the area where they live the unemployment is high. She's just glad that she works in health care that she wasn't laid off from her job. Her parents is now here and they're looking at Philadelphia jobs wherein her father or mother can apply. I know in this economy we are in right now looking for a job can be daunting but with perseverance and dedication in looking for one will eventually pay off. I know some would say that if you are not choosy then you can find a job. I believe so too. It maybe hard to land a job that you really like but if your family needs your support you will get whatever legal job that comes in first.

Looking for Work

When we moved here I was thinking of going back to work. But circumstances prevented me from getting a job. Hubby's deployments and taking care of our child is among them. A friend of mine who works in a hospital told me to apply for some clerical job in the hospital where she worked at but the hours will not jived with my availability. Even my husband's friend also told me if I want to work they can help. I was told if I'm interested I can submit my application in the company that she worked with since they are in need of help. They even start having an employee screening to those who were able to pass the interview. But then hubby is not around and I am just a worry-wart to leave our daughter at a day care whole day. Next year when hubby comes back from deployment I would surely look for a job and determined to have one. For now I will enjoy my present situation and continue to take good care of our child and our household.

The Ladies on Christmas Eve

The Christmas party that we planned for us was held on Christmas eve. It was only a small get together but it turned out great. We enjoyed the food, and there are lots of them. The kids also enjoyed playing. Too bad our place was small we were not able to have a big dance area. But nevertheless we had fun. We exchanged stories about being left by our husbands since most of us are military wives and husbands are currently deployed. We all shared the same feelings celebrating the season.

We exchanged gifts and there's videoki too. It's always present during get together(s). Our party ended early since we all have small kids and after the whole afternoon playing they started to get cranky. It was my first time hosting a small get together as well and I'm glad it turned out well. But I still have to make some improvements though next time. At least I survived with help of some of our dear friends.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Congestion and Lack of Sleep

Lately, due to the very cold weather me and our daughter got colds as well. It become so hard to have a good night sleep because of congestion. I am currently using humidifier at night and it does help. My friend told me that air filters in the apartment should be changed as well because it accumulates dust and other particles. It can add to any allergies we are feeling. I am thinking that me and our DD is having this cold allergy. When it's getting cold we get congested. When she sleeps she breaths through her mouth that she is literally snoring as well. I am hoping that she will get better soon and that she can sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Make Your Site Known

When I started having my own site I was very skeptical if I can maintain it. But quiet surprisingly I was able to sustain despite of occasional laziness. Through the years of blogging I learned that in order to gain visitors to your site you also have to do a lot of effort. From making a sensible content on your posts to submitting your blog site to different web directories. There are lots of directories online you can submit your site into. Some of it you need to pay some amount but there's also free web directory. If you are just starting you can try the free ones and make your way up. I have submitted my site to couple of free web directories and the result is positive. I still need to work more on giving my readers worth reading content so they'll keep coming back here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Need Fat Burner?

Well I think some people will be looking for fat burner after the holiday feast. The feasting is non stop for a lot of folks since Thanksgiving. The parties are left and right. When I was still in the Philippines, we used to visit relatives and every visit there's food served for us. In our family there are many celebrations on this month as well. My sister and niece celebrates the 25th with their birthday. On the 26th another niece celebrates birthday as well. Then come New Year's day, our father will be celebrating his birthday. So imagine the celebration and feasting. My sister was the first one to tell me that she'll need to shed the gained pounds after the holiday. Well for me I won't need it for now so I am okay to feast and pig out. For others, just make sure to eat healthy even on this holiday!

A Busy Thursday

The weather was dry and very cold and I was driving to places on Thursday. At nine in the I went to the college to talk to my adviser for classes that I'm going to take for winter quarter. After talking to her I went to the enrollment services. Too bad the classes I am planning to take were all closed. The classes I am supposed to take are all online classes. I wanted it web based because of the weather and I have no sitter for our DD. Hopefully I can contact the instructor and will accommodate additional student online.

After my appointment at school I drove to the mall. It was our first time going to the mall with only me and our DD. Our DD was able to play at the play area and she enjoyed the freedom of not being in the stroller. We stopped by two other stores from the mall and the drive was kinda far but good thing the weather was nice despite the low temperature. When we got home felt exhausted. Surely doing all the errands by myself is really a tiring task but what can I do. No one will do it for me :-) I am just glad our DD is behave and tame when we are out or else it will be very stressful.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dingy Carpet

How I wish we have floor tiles or hardwood floors not carpet because cleaning is really hard to do. This morning my time was spent with cleaning; dusting and vacuuming. After I vacuumed the carpet still look dingy because of some spots. I have a carpet cleaner but I did not use it yet since our daughter was awake. I don't want to spray any chemicals on the carpet and then she will touch it right after. So when she took her nap this afternoon I proceeded to scrubbing the carpet with the spot cleaner. Some of it came off but some still stick to the carpet. My friend and I were talking of renting a steam vacuum cleaner and we will do the cleaning ourselves. Before my husband left he cleaned our carpet. But if you have an active toddler you expect mess from time to time from her food and drinks. Hopefully next week we can rent the vacuum and then do the cleaning coz I hate looking at the stained carpet.

Going Green

Our environment is now become very fragile. We heard on issues about global warming and other environmental hazards. Environment agencies, activists and other sectors are encouraging everyone to recycle to manage the wastes that every household disposes. There are also green study being conducted in different sectors may it be in industrial, commercial and private entities that gives out information on the importance of protecting our environment. Some recommendations even include buy green household products or what is called environment friendly products.

In our county they gave out handouts on how to start recycling and what are the wastes that are appropriate for recycling. Here in our apartment complex the waste management is pretty well-established. There are designated area for disposing our garbage and there is also a recycling area with appropriate labels. There's even an area where we can put stuff that we wanted to donate to charities. Now I am more encouraged to segregate our trashes and whenever we have our own place I am still going to continue to recycle and help our environment.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Get Together

Our weekend was great. Saturday me and our DD went out to do a little shopping. We got home dinner time since we went out around afternoon time. I was able to checked out stores without interruption since she was sound asleep in her stroller. She only woke when we headed back to the car to go home. My last stop was at Walgreen's to buy her distilled water and disposable silverware.

When we arrived home I was planning to cook the spaghetti for our Sunday get together but was kind of tired so I waited until this morning. Around 1pm we headed to our friend C's apartment. The pigging out started past two o'clock. We thought we don't have enough food but all our friends who came over brought something to share with. There's only six of us Filipinas and three of our friends their husbands came by after work. It was fun and we were able to plan for our Christmas party. I will be hosting our Christmas party and it will be my first time to host such. I hope I will be able to pull it through.

Learning Experience

Living here in the US made me more hungry for different information, politically, socially, religiously, even in entertainment and industrial issues. I think living in a foreign land will encourage you to learn more. Aside from assimilating to the new environment it is also a must to learn the different ropes of living here in the US. It does enriched my knowledge on different facets of life. I am more aware of things that I haven't heard when I was in the Philippines. My greatest achievements I experienced it here and the independence I have in many aspects is very liberating.

One time I was talking to my husband and I told him that there are lots of things that amazes me here in the US. As simple as knowing about the importance of a motorhome insurance is an additional knowledge to me that I don't give attention before. I know learning is a continuous process and I am all for it. I am praying too that as I grow older I will have more wisdom to pass to my children and even my grandchildren after.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comfy Shoes

Right now I need a comfortable footwear that I can use everyday while I am out and about doing errands. A foot wear just like this Dansko boots which is perfect for the winter weather. As you know we are experiencing wet and soggy November here and I don't like my pants to get wet every time I walk out to places. Then its also snow season now. Walking on snow covered paths is what I dreaded. Though I like to see snow falling but if it's too much how I wish I can only stay indoor until the snow disappears. But it's not possible. We're only two here and I have to do all the errands and what not. This boots is now one on my wish list to have. Hope to have more moolah coming so I can spare to buy it for myself.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luggage For Travel

Even though I still have another year before our next overseas travel, in God's grace, I am already thinking of looking up for luggage sets. When we traveled to Philippines this past summer I bought a new set. The color is fuchsia pink and hubby said it's too girly. The set composed of large, medium, small plus a small carry on. But still it wasn't enough for all our stuff. I still used another three suitcases in different colors. When we came back here, I left two of the luggage with my parents. So now I need to replace those before we travel again. I am already thinking of something the same as in the picture, I just need another color though. I want something sturdy that even if it is thrown it will not be destroyed and also a water proof one. Hopefully when the plan of this next travel is being set, I will have my new luggage set.

Friend's Birthday Bash

On November 7 me and my friends here were having some good time. It was a dear friend's birthday celebration and most of the attendees were military wives and husbands are currently deployed. The bonding that we had really helped making the time go by quick. All of us had a blast. Of course there were Filipino foods, videoke singing and dancing. The kids enjoyed playing as well.

I told my husband that I am very glad I have friends that I can hang out with that shares the same situation with me. We're able to help each other killing the time while waiting for our husbands to come home. All of us also came from different states before we got stationed here and I know when our soldiers returned home we will be going separate ways since a part of our military life is the constant moving. But for now, I am glad we are enjoying each others company.


Honestly I envy my friends who can take great photos of just about anything. When I surf online or view my friends' websites, I get amazed of how they manipulate their captures. I admire what they are doing and I thought they are very artistic to do it. One of my friends told me that when she started she find it very difficult but with constant practice, reading some materials and learning techniques she was able to take great pictures. But I know if one ventures into photography you should have one of those professional cameras. There are digital slr cameras in the market that my friend was telling me about. Before she bought hers, she was having some hard time deciding on what to buy. I know these type of cameras don't come cheap. This is why I am, until now, still contemplating if I really wanted to learn photography or not. I don't want to waste my money if I will not use the camera constantly. I am pretty sure though that in time I can set aside more time and effort to learn photography. It is a very good hobby and it will be nice if I can capture my family's moments and have a great outcome in print on it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking For Insurance?

We all know that getting prepared for our future is very important. Along with saving for the rainy days, we also buy insurance to make sure that our family is well taken cared of. For those that need insurance, it is best to look around or shop around for different insurance; may it be for your auto health or even term life insurance. One very helpful resource is the internet. You can just search online for life insurance quotes and you will get tons and tons of result. But make sure that what you are looking for is really the one you need. Be careful also in choosing insurance provider. Beware of scams and make sure that you get the most of your money.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Malling with Friends

When hubby was deployed for the second time in 2008 I never went to the mall. He was away for six months and for that duration of time my route was only home, grocery store, hospital for our daughter's appointment and also doing errands on post and off post. I haven't been to the mall and I only eat out at the Filipino restaurant down the road. I didn't even went to fast food restaurant to get anything even through its drive thru. Hubby was encouraging me to go out so I will not be bored at home but I just couldn't.

Yesterday me and my friends here talked about going to the mall. Their kids don't have classes since Wednesday so we set our mall-ing earlier today. It was raining and nippy. We had lunch at the mall and then did window shopping. We let the kids play at the play area. I was able to buy a gift for the birthday boy on Sunday and a bedroom sleeper for our DD. It is hard to shop around with a toddler in tow and so after few stores we decided to go home. Me and our DD passed by Target store and bought some stuff then we headed home. It was a long day but it's nice to see the mall again after almost two months :-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jobs in IT

My husband will retire from the service in a few years. For his retirement, he is preparing himself for a civilian job. Jobs in IT is his target since he is more fascinated with information technology, computer and stuff. As his preparation, he is now pursuing a bachelor's degree in the field of computer science. I am totally supportive of his endeavor and I know he is also supportive with mine. We are both hoping that by the time of his retirement we will both have the career that we are both aiming to have. I am positive that with God's grace along with our perseverance, we will fulfill our goals and dreams. Dreams that is not only for us but for the future of our kids and our family.

Different Insurances

Coming here in the US opened my eyes to avail insurances that serves as security in our life. In the Philippines I do have life insurance from my job as well as health insurance but I wasn't really putting much importance on it. When I got married, my husband talked to me about the different benefits he gets from the Army and we are very lucky that we are also covered hundred percent. I started working in 2005 and when I was qualified to get a life insurance I applied for one in addition to my life insurance from my husband's work. As I applied, the provider talked to us about the different types of life insurance. I must say I was informed by that time. I know now that I should not take for granted the security of my family. The same thing with my husband; he told me that our family's security is his main priority. He wanted to give us the good and secure life especially for the future.

Birthday Party at Charlie's Safari

Before hubby left we were invited to attend the birthday party of our friend's daughter. Hubby and our DD had a great time bonding together. He let her played with the different token games and also the gymboree inside the indoor play area.

This coming Sunday, another friend invited us for his son's birthday party. It will be held in Charlie's Safari again. Since hubby is not here this time I will be the one to run around following our darling daughter. I have to reserve a lot of energy for that day since I very well know she will try all the play areas and games. I told hubby when I talked to her earlier that I will be exhausted after the party coz I know DD will be all over the place. Hopefully though she will be calmer so I will not be stressed out. But hey as long as she will enjoy and have fun then I'm all for it :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cold Days are Here

It's really getting cold in here now. I know in other states they already experience the first snowfall of the season but I am hoping we will not get too much snow like last year's winter. Last night and early this morning I turned on the heater. Usually we will turn it on around late November or in December but it's still October and have to turn it on more often. It is just very cold. After I cook our lunch earlier me and our DD went to take a shower and as soon as I turn on the shower faucets the water that came out is really freezing cold. Our daughter even jumped out when she touched the water. Early this month I started getting our daughter her winter stuff as well as mine. Her last year's winter stuff are already small. I still have to do this progressively since it is expensive to buy stuff especially during the season. At the end of the season I need to stock up more for next year's fall and winter. Oh well, it's hard to go out when it's cold. I dislike putting on layers but what can I do, it's a must or else you'll freeze out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colon Cleanser

Way back when hubby was still here we were discussing about having our colon cleansed. He was intrigued because one of his friends had it. I told him that I have read a lot of colon cleanser reviews and many testifies that it is helpful to our health. I heard from the news months ago about questions if this is really effective in detoxification and cleansing the digestive system. I do believe though that having a well functioning digestive system helps in the absorption of nutrients to our body. Maybe when hubby gets back from his deployment I can let him ask his provider about it and he can have his colon cleansed as well.

A Friend's Birthday Party

Sunday was very cold, wet and soggy but it did not refrain us from going. The picture on the side was taken earlier of the party. The other ladies did not arrive yet. It was a nice get together. I was able to meet new friends and seen old faces as well. The kids were having fun as well. It's a shame I wasn't able to take picture of the food on the table :-)

We didn't stay long. At 7pm we went home coz the kids have school the next day. I could have stayed longer but I decided to go home instead since DD did not take a nap.

Next week there's another birthday celebrations; our friend and her son. Having to see our friends often and hanging out with them is fun and in a way eases the loneliness we feel while our husband's are away. I am looking forward for more bonding time and fun moments with them and for our kids.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Daughter's Fears

I really don't know when it started but our daughter get scared when I'm holding a box cutter, knife or even a scissor. She will not cringe though but she will tell me that it can give "ouchi", or according to her, an "ouwie". But in a way I am glad because she will not dare to touch it. She is now playing with our kitchen utensils since she can already open the drawers but her fears to touch knives or other sharp objects give me peace of mind that she will not take those out of the drawers. But I am not leaving her alone when she is in our kitchen. I make it sure that she only get her plastic wares and not those that is not safety for her to play with. When I am done at the kitchen I make sure as well to put the fence so she can't go there by herself.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Children's Day

Two weekends ago me and my friends brought our kids to Huntamer Park for Children's Day celebration. There were rides, fun games, workshops, shows, and other activities that are all free for the kids. One show that the kids loved very much was the show with Ronald MacDonald. Even the adults enjoyed it as well. If it wasn't that cold we would have stayed longer but it was pretty nippy so we decided to go home early. I did not let our DD play with the slides and bouncy since she's still tiny one and I'm afraid she will be rub through by bigger kids. But she enjoyed watching the mascots and holding the free balloons.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Fit and Healthy

After I gave birth with our DD I was thinking of things to do to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained few pounds but with my height it seemed like its over my ideal weight. I breastfed our daughter so my weight easily went down. I told my husband that I don't need diet pills anymore because breastfeeding and taking care of our little one help me out. But despite that, I do believe that I still need to do exercise and eating right because there are times that I feel sluggish. I easily get tired and my energy is depleting fast. My friend told me that when she started exercising she felt the difference in her body. She got the energy boost everyday and she don't get tired easily. So now I am looking at exercise regimen that I can use to make me more energetic especially that cold season is here. It is important that we are healthy and our immune system is strong because this is the time of flu season again. Being sick is a bad thing for every one especially if there's a child in the household. So to all, be prepared, eat right and stay healthy everyday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer-Internet Business

When we were in our hometown last July, my husband was asking me of what business that can possible be put up back home. I thought of computer-internet business. There are computer shops already there but I think it's not enough considering there are lots of customers who wanted to use the internet or computer for research and other things. Hubby is very knowledgeable about computers and he can easily set up networks and even build a computer system as long as he has all the necessary tools and parts to make it. He told me that after he retire from the military he is looking into working in a company that has something to do with computer. He made mention that he wanted to be trained to work in computer technology industry especially in building computers, rackmount systems and other similar industries. As his wife I am always behind him. We are hoping that in the future, if God permits, we can have our own business in my hometown.

What I Miss in Pinas

One of my favorite snack chips back in the Philippines is Mr. Chips. I like its crunchiness and cheesy taste. So when we went there for a short vacation I bought some and our DD like the taste of it too.

Another thing I miss from home is chilling at the outside hammock that my father put up before we arrived there. Below is a picture of our DD with her Lolo (Grandfather). When we were not sure when we can go to the Philippines for vacation, my father asked me all the time when they can see their granddaughter. I knew in my heart that they misses us and I was very glad that after years of not seeing us we're able to reunite in July-August.

I am hoping that next year we can visit them again. The days that we were there during our vacation was only short and hopefully with our next visit, it may be short or long, we will make sure we will enjoy it more.

Security is a Must

Everywhere you go and in whatever you do you always think of your security. When we choose of our place to live, since we move a lot, hubby ensures that we have the security for our peace of mind. Here in the apartment that we are living I am very glad that every corner have a surveillance equipment with video that serves to record activities outside the apartment units. I also asked the management to install child safety locks and extra locks on our doors since our DD starts to open our front door already. With the child locks installed I am not worried anymore to leave our DD in the living room if I am at the kitchen or doing some household chores.

It's in Our Genes

I talked to my mother over the phone last weekend and I asked her how the rest of the family is doing. She gave me some good and not so good news. The not so good news are my sisters health. Our oldest sister just had her comprehensive health check and it was found out that she has diabetes and also heart condition, enlargement of the heart. I remember that my brother has a vein enlarged in his heart before as well. Our youngest sister also went to see an OB-GYN and had an ultrasound because for three months she did not have her monthly menstrual period. She is not pregnant and the ultrasound shows her uterine wall is thick and she need to take medication for it. I told my mother that they should start a healthy living and somehow try to look for the best weight loss supplements so they can curb down their weight. I noticed when I went home in July that both my sisters are kind of overweight. I am hoping that with the change in their diet and proper medication they can surpass what they're going through right now. And since those illnesses are in our genes, I also need to ensure I live a healthy life.

Little Soldier

The pictures above were taken I believe in July. When hubby arrived from work our DD will be following him around. She will ask for his dog tag and we were amazed on this day because she wore her Dad's boots and cap then danced around. Our Daddy then let her wore the top of his ACU and his eye wear. She looks very funny :-) We were all laughing with her.


Last month when hubby was preparing his stuff to bring to his deployment I was also doing some organizing with all our paperworks, office supplies in our home work station, and also our closets. It's only a month since I did it and now our work station here needs organizing again. I need to get new shelving units where I can put the printer and fax machine. Right now it's all on top of my working table and I don't have much space to use. I asked hubby to buy me the shelf before he left but because of other things we forgot about it. Now I am left to do it and hopefully I will be able to accomplish this task this month.

Too Many Invitations

Our days without our Daddy are lonesome but because friends are inviting us all the time to hang out with them, we kind of turned some of our days into a fun filled one. Every weekend we are barely at home. During Saturdays after our kid's dance class we go to our friends place and have lunch there. On Sundays, we rotate from one friend's place to another for lunch after church. We also do karaoke singing and sometimes play bingo and other board games. The kids also play to their heart's content. With these many invitations in a week and we eat different Filipino dishes, it's not shocking that I am gaining more weight right now. Even my friends are saying they are too. I jokingly told them that they should start to look for the best diet pills in town to help in shedding off the added pounds. I will worry about my weight later since I am enjoying the food that we all partake every weekend :-)

Dry Hands

I was trimming my fingernails this morning and noticed my hands are very rough. It's dry and the wrinkles are very visible. As a Mom I washed my hands all the time and use hand sanitizer. I know this can really dry our hands. Now I am looking for effective hand moisturizer as well as wrinkle cream to heal my dry hands. The cold season also added to my problem. When it is cold my dry skin is exacerbated. Not only it will become more dry but itchy as well. My friend recommended the lotion that she is using right now but I will see first if it will work for me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Friends

Living a military life has its ups and downs. Two of the downs I see are of course the family separation during the time of deployment and also when you leave your friends behind during PCS time. But there are lots of good things as well. One of which is meeting new friends. I only have few friends that I can say very close in my almost five years stay here in the US. Last year when hubby was deployed for six months me and our DD only went out when we do errands and fulfill some appointments. Never did I went to a friend's place to hang out or have friends come over to our apartment. It was kind of boring but we got through it. Now that I met new friends and knew I have Filipino neighbors dealing with this deployment is easy. Although the difficulty of the separation is still there but knowing I have friends I can count on to is a blessing. And my circle of friends is now extended. I am glad to have found them my days are not that boring anymore coz I have friends to talk to now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


When we were driving to California last year me and hubby were talking about owning an RV one day. We both love to travel and it would be an experience to just hop on an RV and do long drives then park in a camp site to rest. His friend told him about checking out rv financing if he is interested. We are interested but we have to wait when we already achieved our other goals as a family. Who knows one of these days we can afford it already even if it's used as long as it does work great and in good condition. One time we checked out local RV dealers here in our area, just looking around and I said if only we have the money it would be great to leave the dealership with one :-)

Our Sunday

Our Sunday was spent with friends after we attended a 12 noon mass. Me and two of my friends made an arrangement to spend weekends at our friend's F place. Yesterday we were at her place after our kids' dance class and then this afternoon we were there again for lunch after church. We were just chitchatting and the kids were playing. We did not realize the time and it was about 5pm already. So our host told us to have dinner first before going home. We had ginataang mongo and pork adobo for lunch and at dinner we had the left over and broiled salmon.

Yesterday hubby wasn't able to call and did not go online. Good thing he was able to contact me after church. I had my cellphone off. When I opened it I got a voicemail and his email and was able to reply back. Thought he's going to call tomorrow but so glad he called after receiving my email. We miss our daddy very much. I am blessed for my friends' presence my day will pass by without too much wallowing in loneliness. Got to keep myself busy also so that our days will go by quick.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Acne Treatment

My sister told me before that it's hard to face the problem when your problem is your face. Yeah, literally. She was suffering of acute breakouts before because she has an immune system disorder and also hormonal imbalance. She was asking before about best acne treatment but we did not found anything that can help her. I just found out about different acne treatment products when I came here in the US. There are so many products to choose from that haven't know before. So what we did for her back then was brought her to a Dermatologist and have a special medication that will treat her condition. It only worked for few months but then the breakouts came back. When she was taking medication for her hormone imbalance the acne subsided. Gladly, after months of treatment her zits fade away and now she's only dealing on the scars but at least she's acne free already.

Busy Mommy

Being alone and taking care of the household and our toddler is really eating most of my time right now. I have to make sure that everything is in order here so our lives will run smooth. I got so many things to think about but I am taking it one day at a time. For the past three weeks I am always out and about. Doing errands, hanging out with friends, bring our DD to her dance class and other stuffs that needed to be done. Although I still slack in some areas but I am trying to fit everything in our schedule. I am also trying to let our DD meet her friends so she can interact with other kids. One time I accompanied my friends to their kids' church choir and catechism classes and I wish that our DD can also attend those classes but she is not old enough yet. I inquired for their pre-school classes and thankfully they have classes for 3 year old and 4 year old toddler so next year I am planning of enrolling our DD to the Catholic School. I already told hubby about it and he is also considering it himself.

Another thing that I am focusing also now is to start potty training our DD. She is already 2 years and 4 months old and showing interest to do her business in her potty. I have to change the potty that I have right now though since the seat is kinda hard for her. Along with potty training also is to make sure that she learn good values. Her daddy is not here to help in disciplining her so the task is all mine. I have to make sure that she will grow as a good person and not a menace to society :-). For a two year old she's tamer than what I usually heard about terrible twos. She have her moments but she is manageable and still listens when bribed to :-) Hopefully she stay as sweet and as manageable as she is right now since there's just me and her.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Fall starts on the 22nd and it's time for me to do my fall cleaning. It's getting cooler in this part of the country and it's now time to put away summer clothing and other summer stuff that we have in our apartment. I am also going to do my cleaning around our unit. I have so much stuff to do but am kind of lazy to do it. One thing that I need to make a schedule with our filter system to be changed. I know the management will do the changing and they are using that HAVC filters that I believe is well made to have an effective hvac dust application. As the season is about to change, me and DD felt a little under the weather. It has been a week that we have this slight colds. I already changed the filter in our humidifier but I guess we need more cleaning to get rid of some contaminants. Hopefully before it gets really cold I am done with my cleaning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Party

As I have said in my other blog that on September 5 we attended a birthday party of a friend's daughter. They had it at Charlie Safari, an indoor party place and play area for children. The kids enjoyed the different games and gymboree. Our DD was enjoying herself as well. Good thing Daddy was still here that time so he was the one following her around. I took some pictures of them while they're playing. It was very funny since our DD don't like to play the games appropriate for her but she love to play those that big kids are playing. Daddy always say she's 2 going on 17 :-) every time someone ask us how old is she :-)

Helping the Environment

I am an advocate in helping our environment. In my own little way I do my best to recycle, use natural house cleaning supplies and even organic food to cook and eat. This is why when there are new products that I know that can help our environment I go for it. I also applaud those that are trying their best to manufacture environment friendly products. One of the products that I recently have knowledge about are pond supplies that are safe to use in every ponds especially in its maintenance. If you have ponds in your backyard or you have a fish pond business, you can check out and see the different safe products that you can use for your ponds. It is very important to protect the natural resources and using safe products can help a lot.

Losing Weight in Deployment

When hubby was about to leave he was telling me that it's as if he's gaining some weight. But he immediately told me that for sure he will not need any weight loss supplement since being in the Middle East where the temperature is high and they're wearing all their gears all the time, burning the fats can be easier. He promised me that when he comes home he'll be losing the extra weight. The same as the last time he came home from deployment, one thing I noticed was his weight. I know the Army is feeding them well while over there but because of strenuous missions and heavy gears they are carrying everyday losing weight is easy. I told him I don't mind if he lost or gain weight as long as he comes home to us safe and healthy I will be the happiest.

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was very busy day for me. I did errands and did my grocery shopping. I went to hubby's Rear D office and submit to FRSA the emergency data sheet. I also asked information about our soldier's APO address overseas but unfortunately they don't have it yet. I hope we can have it as soon as possible so I can start sending stuff and letters to hubby. We then headed to the PX for lunch. My friend K was with us. After lunch we did our shopping at the Commissary.

In the middle of my shopping hubby called. I answered the phone and we were talking the whole time while I was doing my shopping. I can't imagine how I finish while talking to him and minding our DD who loved to stand up on the cart's child seat. I can't let hubby to call back since they have to fall in line to call. It was tiring but I think I managed it pretty well. I drove home and arranged my groceries in the pantry then headed to a friend's place for snacks. We had pasta salad which was very yummy. We ended our day by attending a children's mass at 6pm and a pizza dinner at the church's hall after. Got home around 8pm and have to prepare DD to bed. Exhausting day but at least it made my day went faster.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Laptop Deals

I am looking for laptop deals right now because my brother's co-worker asked a favor to look for a good laptop that he can buy. Where else is the best place to check out than on the internet. One site that offers great deals on electronics is I have been an avid patron of this online store because they really offer savings when you buy electronics and other stuffs. I may have to get my netbook, if I already have the money, from them. I don't have a laptop anymore and a friend told me if I wanted another portable computer for browsing and making documents, I can opt for a netbook. Hubby also like a netbook. His co-worker had one and he said he kind of like the smallness of it. Well, almost every year a new laptop or netbook will come out and what we have right now will become old next year so I may have to wait until the one I like will have its price reduced so I can afford it :-)

Actors vs Press

I was watching the Philippine showbiz talk show, The Buzz, and on their POV portion what caught my attention was the exchange of words between one Press person and the actress Roxanne Guinoo. I respect Press people as well as the actors and actresses that we have in the Philippines and I applauded Roxanne's bravery in voicing out her thoughts on what the press people are asking her. It is one fall back for actors that if they answer the questions of the reporter and they don't like the answer, some will take it against the actress or actor. Even though actors and actresses are public figures but press should not delved too much on issues if it has been answered already. I think that way they can also make money if they write juicy write ups. I admired those press people that don't make their jobs too personal as well as those that write factual information about a certain actor or actress. There are other showbiz writers that are so tactless just like to write articles that ruins personality.

What Gadgets to Bring

Hubby is done packing his gears and stuffs to bring to his deployment but he is still debating on what electronic gadgets he will bring with him. I told him he should not forget to bring a digital camera so he can capture moments and different scenes while he is away from us. He will bring his laptop also and he said he may be able to acquire a television and dvd player that he can put in his chute. He's telling me over and over that he love to bring a playstation 3 so when he don't have anything to do he can play games also aside from watching movies. I told him if he want it then he has to buy one since we only have the old playstation. So for now this thought is already out in the picture. Maybe later on I will be able to save some money and buy it for him or even buy an Ipod so he can listen to music all the time. He will surely like it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Having friends is really a blessing if you are new in the area. We've been living here in the evergreen state for a year and a half and I just started this year to join gatherings of Filipinos that I met. When you are in a foreign land and friends are limited, you can really treasure the small group of friends that you can have. Starting in May of this year my circle of friends begun to extend its diameter and circumference :-) The new friends I met early this year were not here anymore but replacements came along to which I am very thankful to God. I also start to go out with them as well as visit their abodes. Our little girl also met new friends and I know it's very healthy for her development. Yesterday one of my new friends daughter celebrated her birthday and they had it in a party and play place. We were invited and we were there for about three hours. The kids were all enjoying the different play stations. I was just glad that hubby was there to follow our daughter around wherever she goes. I must say I have a hard time keeping up with her :-) After the children's party we went to play bowling with family friends. It was a very tiring day but we enjoyed it very much.

Overdue Dental Appointment

Hubby is bugging me to get my dental appointment since my schedule for cleaning is long overdue. I will be trying to get a schedule this week and hopefully I can have one. I will be switching Dentist. There is a closer dental clinic near our apartment complex. I can walk there if I wanted to. It's a Family Dentistry clinic and our DD is being seen by the same clinic so I decided to transfer. It's very convenient for me to go to this clinic. I was told that I need to get my dental history from the old clinic that I went to so I will not have another X-ray. I will try my best to get it this week also so I can schedule my next cleaning. Before I found a clinic here in our area I was also browsing online for cosmetic dentistry and I was directed to the site of a Plano dentist that specializes not only in general dentistry but also in cosmetic dentistry. I kind of like the services they offer and honestly I need something like it. There's so much to be done so I can have a perfect smile, so to speak. I started already fillings and is now thinking of getting a new denture. Hubby was telling me about implants but it's expensive. Having a new denture will cost a sum but hopefully we can have a budget for it so I can replace my dentures :-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday at Northwest Trek, Washington

Yesterday afternoon hubby made his promise to bring our DD again to Northwest Trek. The last time we were there was in June of 2008 after he arrived from his second tour in Iraq. It wasn't really the best day when it comes to weather. It was sunny in the morning but became cloudy and showery in the afternoon. We got to the nature park past 2pm. The highlight of this nature park is the tram tour wherein you will be able to have a close encounter with animals that are present here in the Northwest. Our tram left at 3pm so we have few minutes to roam around. Though it did not take as long to wander since we have to head to the tram station.

Our DD was very excited running around looking at different birds and animals. She even don't want to ride on her stroller or won't let her Daddy carry her. We did not see much of the other animals though since after the tram tour the rain pours. It wasn't hard but still can make you drench. We did not bring hat for me and hubby and no umbrella so we decided to took off after the tour. Below are some of the pictures I took during our half day wandering at Northwest Trek.

DD watching the water beaver.

DD looking at the Snowy Owl and Hubby and DD near the Barn Owl.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Need Exercising

When I learned that my bad cholesterol is high I made a promise to myself that I need to change the way I eat and do more exercise than the usual stretching and walking that I do. I guess I am like some people that decide to have a lifestyle change when something is wrong with the body already. It is shameful to say but I know a lot of people do that way. My husband has been encouraging me to step into the treadmill that our apartment complex has but it's my laziness that hinders me from doing so. Now that I need to any excuses is unacceptable. I have to increase my effort in exercising as well as choosing the right food. I am really praying hard that I can keep up with what I am already started and hopefully I will get a good result in three months time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Philippine Pictures

Hubby with my nephew RR and brothers-in-law R and Manong E

Hanging out at my parents' terrace.

Every afternoon, before sunset we like to chill in our front yard under the ficus tree. My father's hammock is very very cool.

Our DD with my sis and K with my niece. K got scared with the carabao (water buffalo). She was crying. My nephew (cousin's son) was holding the rope so the carabao won't run.

Meeting New Friends

God is so good. As my husband's deployment is coming close I met new friends who are in the same boat with me; their husbands are also going to be deployed. Now we easily connect to each other because we share the same life path that is to stay back home and support our soldier. On Thursday I went to a Filipino restaurant and order take out for our dinner. While waiting, the owner, who is already a friend, told me that they Filipina customers that live in the apartment complex where we stayed at. She gave me one of the ladies number to call.

Then on Friday while we walked towards our unit I saw a lady with two kids and she look Filipina so I approached her. She is not the same lady whom I have the number with but she knew whom I was referring to. We introduced ourselves and she told me that the other lady is coming over. Before we're done talking she arrived and right there and then we clicked like we are old time friends already. We speak the same native language and they are very nice that is why I believe we kind of having a connection right away. My new friend just had a baby but she is very slim and asked her what's her secret :-) She said that she didn't even use any weight loss pills or did no dieting at all. Both of them said that taking care of two kids brought their weight back to their pre-pregnancy size.

So, since Friday we are already texting each other and yesterday my new friend came by here at our unit and dropped off some stuff and me and hubby helped her jump start their truck. I am very glad that our DD now have playmates. I am looking forward to some bonding times for the kids and us Moms. I am thanking God for giving me new friends that I can count on to once our hubby's will be away.

My Sister's Humble Abode

I am very proud of my sister and her husband because they were able to have their own house built near my parents house. It is the fruit of their hard earned money and even though it's not all the way done yet; it needs painting and tilings in the kitchen, outside painting and the little patio needs to be done but it is livable already. The house is a two bedroom, one bathroom with a nice size kitchen and living space. The design inside is cute and just enough for them both. I congratulate them for their determination in building their own house. I know they went through a lot just so they can move in before we arrive them for our vacation. My other sister who is still living in my parents will also start having their house built next year with God's grace. With that, my parents will be surrounded with their kids houses. My brother also thought of building their vacation house in the area since there is still enough lot for another house. This means I will be the only one who will not own a house near my parents. But my Mom told me that we can always stay with them every time we visit. I do wish that someday I can also own a property back home in the Philippines.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muscle Defining Booster

Having a tone muscle and lean body is, accordingly, a factor in male sex appeal. Well, for me beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. Each of us have different criteria in judging physical beauty and appeal. But for those vain males that wanted to define their muscles more they can check out testoripped. According to diet pill critic it is a good pre-work out amplifier and can gain lean muscles as well as power. I was told that those body builders takes muscle defining booster also to get the desired muscle sizes but I really don't know how it works and what effects it can cause to ones body. So to those interested check out this muscle defining booster and make sure you know what it can do for you before taking any of it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Witty Granddaughter

What makes our recent vacation more fun aside from seeing my parents, brothers and sisters, is also meeting our little grand kid "K". She is the daughter of my niece, my older sister's daughter. She will turn two on the 21st but she is already a talker. She loves to sing and in fairness she has a good voice. Even at her age, she can already sing more than 20 nursery rhyme songs in English, Tagalog, and Visayan. She know the names of everybody and when you ask her anything she always has an answer for you. She and our DD were best buddies there. Our DD is about three months older than her but she know a lot more than our little one here. I am just glad that they went along well with each other. Our DD is so giving with her that she don't complain when her little cousin gets her toys. K called our DD ate Shay-shay while DD called her K-K. From time to time when they're playing K will pinch our DD's cheeks and said "ay sus ning bataa ni" (oh, this baby) Everyday since we got here our DD always remember K and then she'll pinch her's or my cheeks and said K-K. She sure misses her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GPS System

We don't have gps system in our vehicles so every time we go places, especially those that we are not familiar with, we only rely on printed directions. I honestly like to have one but my concern is I can't concentrate on my driving when somebody is dictating. I asked a friend that has it and she told me at first she did not like using it but later on she's able to appreciate its usefulness. Now that hubby is about to be deployed, we are thinking of getting one for me to use in case I need to drive to places that I haven't been to.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Routine Physical Exam

Last Monday I went to my routine physical exam at the hospital. But on Sunday night, around 11pm, I suddenly felt dizzy and sick then threw up all the food I ate at dinner. It was very sudden. Every time I got up I felt nauseous and feel like vomiting. I was glad that the next day will be my doctor's appointment. I still feel nauseous that time too that is why hubby drove me to my appointment. When I saw my care provider I told her about what I've been through the night before and so she decided to include pregnancy testing from the blood work that she ordered. She told me that if what I am feeling gets worst I need to go to the emergency.

The next day, I got the call from her telling me the result. The pregnancy testing was negative. The shocking truth was my LDL or bad cholesterol level is high. According to the American Heart Association, if your cholesterol is between 200-240 mg/dL this means you are borderline - high and LDL or bad cholesterol level of 130 - 150 is borderline high and it shows greater risk for heart disease. My numbers falls on borderline high risks. My cholesterol level is 214 mg/dL and LDL is 132 mg/dL. Other factors also that adds to my risk in having heart disease is genetics. Incidence of heart attacks and strokes runs in the family. And we all know that heart attack and stroke are still the #1 and #3 killer disease here in the US.

So now I need a 'lifestyle change'. It is highly recommended by my physician as well as it is the right thing to do. I need to eat healthy or to sum it up, live healthy. I can only blame myself for this. I have been slacking in exercising knowing that I am just at home most of the time. I am kind of sedentary and only exercise when I feels like it. Now that the numbers are screaming the real truth, I need to stop being lazy and do the next necessary steps to live a healthy life not only for myself but also for the people who loves me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fiesta Celebration

Our vacation to Philippines will be in time also for the fiesta celebration of our barangay. If it's fiesta then people are also feasting and pigging out. I was telling my husband that I need to bring me an ephedrine to help me not to gain weight. The feast will start like three days before and even after the fiesta day there will still be food left for the taking :-) I called my sister yesterday and she asked me what are the plans for our fiesta. I told her that since I wasn't there for the past years, they can do the same as what they did before. I miss this type of celebration since I can't find it here in the US. Although I attended some gatherings similar to it but the food is what I miss the most. I can't wait to witness this event again. I miss the food but most of all I miss my family who will be there for this celebration. I was already told that my relatives are all excited to see my family. This will be my husband's and daughter's first visit there. Although I am apprehensive about the A/H1N1 virus scare back home but this will not deter us from visiting my family.

Weekend in Seattle

Daddy reading the Seattle map used for underground tours

As I have said before here and told my friends that if hubby is around expect that we will not be home most of the time especially if he is off from work. It's either we just drive around or go places that we haven't been to. When he got home on the 4th of July he already told me that we will be going out the next day. Instead of resting he prefers to unwind and drive around. So off we went out check out some places and ended up eating out. We also went to the mall the next day and made our errands on Monday and Tuesday since he went back to work on Wednesday. He only have one day of work last week since they have another four day weekend starting on Thursday. So on Sunday, July 5th, we went to Seattle. We just browse around and walk along the water front. It wasn't packed at the town center since most of the shops were closed on Sundays. We were contemplating of joining the underground city tour but it was kinda late so we decided to do it next time. It was nice to just walk around. Our last route before going home was at the water front. We watched people, locals and tourists alike enjoying the summer sun. We had ice cream in one of the side walk parlor and ate it by the bay.

Striking a pose at the Seattle water front

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top Weight Loss Pills

I attended a birthday party last month and my diet goes out of the window. The food were all delicious and I can tell how I missed all the dishes since I can say I ate a lot :-) If you go to a Filipino party you can also expect a bring home food after the party. While we were at the party all the ladies are talking about what are the top weight loss pills in the market this time because they are trying to lose weight that they need some drastic measures to achieve it. I found an online resource that shows reviews of different weight loss pills known in the market today. This site is If you want to check out these different pills, you can go to the site. They listed top pills with ratings from users as well as editor's pick. But always remember though that if you want to use any of these pills, make sure to ask your physician.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Excited!

Yes I am very excited because two more days and our Daddy will be home. I felt like hubby has been away forever :-) Even though we always talk on the phone but it is still different when he's physically present here. He told me he's very excited to come home and see us. All their gears are already packed and basically they are only waiting for their departure which will be on Saturday. This is not the first time that hubby have been away but every time he go for a long period training it still feel like the first time he'll be away. We are coping but still not being used to, I should say. Right now our DD can somehow feel the difference since every time our phone rings she will call out Daddy. And if she's alone in the living room or she don't see me, she will call either 'Mom' or 'Dad'. I know there will be other deployments and trainings for hubby and as our DD is growing up, we also have to make sure we explain to her what's going on and where's her Daddy going. But for now, we are so excited to be reunited with our Daddy :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feet Protection

My mother always complain of sore feet after walking to our farm and back. I pity her since both of my parents are in their seventy's and they don't stop going to our farm to tend for it. There's nobody among my brothers and sisters back in the Philippines to do it because all of them are working. My parents sometimes hire workers to work at the farm but they still have to be there to supervise. So I am thinking of getting my Mom a Dansko sandals that are known as a staple of comfort footwear. It will surely help ease the pain on her feet when walking on graveled road. I know how it is when walking in those rough roads. I've accompanied them during weekends when I'm off at work back then. Hopefully with the sandals I have in mind my Mom can walk with protection on her feet.

Packing My Gifts

Since we are almost July now, I am starting packing stuffs that I am giving to my family back in Philippines. I have balikbayan box that I am going to send but I most of the gift items we will just carry it since it will not reach there on time when we are there. One thing that I still need to buy is a portable flash drive that my sister is asking me. I am thinking of getting it online since I can find a great deal buying online. I was looking at checking for I know they have discounted prices for gadgets and tech stuffs. I am hoping that we will not bring much stuff during our travel to defray the cost of baggage fee. But I think we will not reach into that since we will only be in my hometown for two weeks. I am not planning of bringing too much clothes. I am looking at bringing four luggage. One of those will be the luggage for our gifts to my family. Those that I will not be able to bring with us will be shipped. I am very excited to see them and hoping we will have a great time there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Times with Happy Friends

My social life here in the US, I admit, is not that great or shall I say very limited compared to when I was in the Philippines. My world revolves just around my family. Although we visit relatives and friends but it is not often since every body is busy and most of my close friends live far; many of them in other states. Lately, I met new friends and we started to bond; go out or hang out in any of our places or go to our complex's pool and chit chat. I am invited to parties and even just for lunch then sing karaoke. They also came to our place and had lunch and let the kids play. There are evenings that we just gather and play bingo and the kids play. It seem like I am starting to get out of my shell and start to mingle again. I almost forget about it :-) I am happy that at least I found good friends and when hubby is not around I will not be bored at home because I know I have friends who are in similar situation as I am. For now I will just enjoy the moment that I get to know more friends here in our area and share happy times with them. Some of them will move out in few weeks so while they are still here I will just enjoy the blessings :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Masters in Information Technology at Lewis University

Information Technology is a fast developing course among technologies especially nowadays where almost everything is computerized from data gathering, maintenance, safe keeping, and researching to name a few. This is why there is a rise in demand of those who are graduates of this specialty. If you are thinking of going into this field and land a job as an information specialist, you can consider going to Lewis University. You can enroll online and even speak to an advisor to get more information about their course offering. One of their specialties is masters information security which is very vital in the information technology world to ensure security and safety of file sharing and personal privacy. In this course, they offer two concentrations. You can either choose managerial or technical concentrations. This university offers flexible study format which is online that will enable those who are already working to study while at home, it has comprehensive coursework, affordable and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as well as member of the North Central Associations of Colleges and School. Check them out now and speak to one of their advisors to get you ahead in becoming masters in information security.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blow Hole in Oahu

Circled above is the blowhole

I can say that Hawaii has really a lot of natural wonders that tourists should see when visiting the island. During our visit there last week, we circled Oahu. We started our drive from Waikiki area. We stopped by different sites and look outs. One of our stops was the Halona blow hole. I learned that this is a natural occurrence wherein a molten lava tubes was formed from volcanic eruptions many, many years ago. This tube run to the ocean and when the surf is right, this blowhole will shoot water out up to 30 feet in the air (source: I've seen it many times during my first visit there in Hawaii. Last week, I saw it shoots up water in thin air but I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of it.

Another picture where it sprays a little bit of water

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Friends are Moving

Two of my new friends whose husbands will be deployed also in August is now in the process of packing their stuff. They will move back to their respective families once their husbands leave. Right now some of their things are being stored in a storage around our area. They will get it once their husbands comes back from deployment. One will go to Minnesota and the other one will be moving to California. I told my friend that will move in California to check out moving companies San Francisco since she is going there anyway. It will be easier for her to move stuff using reliable moving services than hauling it by herself. Her husband will not be around to help her and she has a kid in tow as well. I will be very sad when they leave in August. I just knew them recently but our friendship will be cut short. Although we may see each other again in the future but the thought of someone you learned to care and start bonding with will be leaving. But that is life in the military. Nothing is permanent until you retire.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe

We booked our vacation package to Hawaii through As a way of giving back, they gave us free welcome breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe - Hawaii. It was a continental breakfast. They picked us up at our hotel at 8:15am through the Maui Divers van. During our breakfast, there was a speaker that gave us an orientation of what to do in the island as well as what are the different places that tourists needs to check out.

Having our breakfast (S, Me, and R)

After breakfast we wanted to go back to our hotel but we were brought to Maui Divers Jewelry for a tour. We really don't want to do the tour but we have to do it while waiting for the next van going to our hotel. So we watched how they make jewelry our of corals and pearl. They also have showroom of fabulous jewelry. You can also harvest pearl raw from its shell. We got to our hotel around 10am.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessed To Have New Friends

In my seventeen months of living here in our place, it is only lately that I've driven with friends in my car and visit their houses. One concern that I have when I knew that hubby will be on training for long periods and being deployed was getting by with nobody to socialize with. I don't go out and have no close friends nearby. I have friends but they're also in the military life and they are one by one going somewhere. When I saw one old acquaintance at the park last month, the connection was continued. She have friends that she introduced to me and the connection grew. So when we got back from our vacation in Hawaii and hubby went away for his training in other state, my new found friends are really a great help. I was able to invite them here in our apartment and I was able also to visit them in their abodes. Most of them are also in the military and I know one day we will go our separate ways again but at least for now we are enjoying each other's company. I am looking forward to our meetings and gatherings again. If Filipinas meet and gather you can also expect more girls talk and of course food. This is why I may be needing the best diet pill to counter all the food intake in the days to come. Just this week we were able to meet three times already. They came here at our place and we had lunch. Then the other day we went to another friend's house for dinner. This afternoon after I took my test we went to another house for lunch and some karaoke. Then this month I have some invitations for birthdays and get together. So tell me, I should ready my diet pill, right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aloha Arrival

Our travel to Hawaii this past week was a much needed short vacation as well as attending family affair. There were four of us during the trip; Hubby, me and daughters R and S. Honestly on our way to Hawaii we don't have enough sleep. We left Thursday but on Wednesday hubby was working and after work he went to school for his finals. He came home to change around 10pm because we have to heed to Seattle to pick up R. We were home from Seattle around 2am and rested for an hour to be on our way to the airport at 3am. Our flight was 7am but due to traffic at I-5 we planned of driving to the airport early. We were able to got out of the house at 4am. Good thing the freeway traffic was not heavy but still we got to Seatac passed 5am.

We flew through Delta Airlines on our way to Hawaii. We only have two checked in bags and we paid $30 for it. There is no free check-in bag anymore. Our flight stopped once at Salt Lake City, Utah to change plane. From Utah to Hawaii the flight was pretty full and thankfully we got to our destination safe and sound.
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