Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pub Hopping

When my husband, then boyfriend, visited me in UK, we went to Wales to visit my best friend. She was a nurse there and she invited us for her birthday and also to meet him. It was a vacation I can't forget. While we were at their place, one Friday night she said that we are going to a pub. I was very excited because it was my first time and also out first date at a pub. Going to an English pub was an experience. Since the downtown area is just near out friend's place, we walked going there. I learned that most people there go to the pub during Friday night to unwind. We went to 2 pubs that night and it was very packed. We had a great time. While on our way home, there were people walking home as well. I was impressed because there was no untoward incident or commotion that happened. The police were all over the place but just watching the pub goers. Since I've been here in the US I have never been to a bar or pub. We once went inside a casino but never stayed long. We may have a chance again whenever our DD will be old enough to fend for herself and I don't know when it is gonna be :-)

Unemployment Crisis

It is depressing to know that more and more people are being laid off from their job nowadays. Just today it was reported that well-known retail stores such as Target and Best Buy are also on the process of laying off some of its employees. I also heard on the news about the tragic incident in California wherein the father killed his wife and their five children then killed himself because they were both laid off from their jobs. It should not happen but people have different ways of coping. I pray that there'll be no incident like it that will happen again. My prayers are with that entire family and the relatives that are left behind. I am praying that the government will do something about the crisis soon. I am hoping also that when hubby look for jobs in IT after he retire from the Army the crisis is already over. It is very difficult for anyone to deal with loss of job and it can ruin family. If you are just being laid off and you feel depressed you need to seek help and talk to somebody to ease the burden.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy is Building Something

When at home during weekends and no work, hubby will play with our DD. I said before that I bought these 100-piece foam blocks for our DD on Christmas. One night while our DD was playing Daddy joined her. When her Daddy start to build something she will destroy it. I brought her inside the room to change her and when we got back to the living room Daddy made a little castle out of the foam blocks. It's so funny to look at our DD because she was itching to topple it down. But when she will try to do it she will retreat back. I think she knew that Daddy made the effort and don't want to destroy it. We waited and observed what she is going to do. It took more than 20 minutes of holding back on her part and then she decided to start picking up the small parts and then pushed what her Daddy made. She is getting more patient now than before.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Downwinder Lawyer Laura J. Taylor

Back in the 1940s to the 1960s there was an atmospheric nuclear tests that was conducted by the United States government specifically in the Nevada and New Mexico areas as well as in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Because there are people who contacted certain types of illnesses during those times so the US government created a program administered by the Department of Justice that will help these families who lived downwind of these tests sites. They called this program, downwinder program. The compensation mandated in this program is given to persons affected or their surviving family. The amount of compensation is up to $50,000.

The full name of the said program is RECA radiation exposure compensation act. If you live in these areas you may want to know if you are eligible to claim compensation. You can check out the website and learn more information about how this program works. You can also seek the help of Downwinder Attorney Laura J. Taylor to help you with your claim. She is known as an expert of this kind of claim and she already helped downwinders. She can walk you through of what you need to do to start your claim. So, make a move now, check her site and get what you and your family deserved to get.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Pose for the New Year

When we went to Redmond last weekend to check out Microsoft campus, we also headed to Redmond Town Center. I saw this unique iron sculpture at the entrance of the shopping center so I asked hubby to take a picture of myself. It was freezing cold and hubby took too long to click the camera :-) I am not a picture person and I seldom have my picture taken but there are exceptions, especially if I just been there and saw the place for the first time.

Ferrari Parts Specialist

I asked my husband what is his dream car and he said a Lamborghini. I asked him how about Ferrari and he said it is nice too but he like the Lamborghini the best. Then I jokingly told him okay if we win millions from the lottery we will get two, boy and a girl. He just laughed. But anyways, if you own a Ferrari car and needs Ferrari parts, you can check out this Ferrari parts specialist website, They are one-stop supplier of original Ferrari parts. They sell all new, all original parts. So check them out now if you need parts for your precious Italian made sports car.

She Don't Want To Hold Hands

When we are out and about our DD don't want to stay on her stroller. It is so hard to keep her still. We don't like taking her out of the stroller because she will run around and all over the place. If she is walking she won't let you hold her hands. When hubby is around he is the one running after her. I can't keep up with her. This is the reason I don't want to go out alone because I know how she can be a handfull. Like the picture above, hubby was running after her and when he attempted to hold her hand she just brushed his off and let her Daddy chase her.

Changing to Vista

When all of you is using Windows Vista, we are still using Windows XP. My husband wanted to change to Vista but our computer memory is not enough. I guess we can only upgrade when we decided to get another desktop or a new laptop. I don't have a laptop anymore and hubby's laptop is very slow so definitely we cannot put Vista in there. Hubby already made his assessment and come up to upgrading the memory first before we install Vista. Well, as long as I can still use this deskstop and it is not slow I am so fine with it. I found online where to get computer memory and it is through They do not only have memories for computer but also digital flash cards and memory stick. Good thing I found this site since I need memory stick for my sister and additional SD card for my stepdaughter.


I just made an account with facebook recently. I told myself before that one social network is enough but when I learned that most of my good friends and relatives have an account so I joined the band wagon. It is funny because now my day is not complete without opening my account and check out my friends update. Everyday I find someone to request and add. The internet makes the world smaller and smaller. Technology is updating every single day. But I am very glad that I joined this social network because it enable me to find old friends and reconnect with them again. It is exciting to know what they're up to and where in the world they are right now.

Air Tools

My brother sent me a text message to call him early this week. So I called right away as soon as I got the message. He told me that their house was flooded again for the second time. The first time it was only eight inches but the second time the water reached up to an adult's knee. Since they already rented the house they are staying they decided to get their own before he'll go back overseas. He also mentioned that he need some air tools, like polisher and sander, that he can add to her collection of tools for the furniture business. He needed the sander also for their flooded floor. He thought of sanding and staining it again because the water really messed it up. I hope he will be able to find a house and they can move because the river near them always over flow when there is a continuous raining.

Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

I read about this on ABC News online and was wondering while reading the title what could be the boy's condition to not be able to go to sleep. According to the report the boy only sleeps 2 hours a day with the help of a medication until he was diagnosed of chiari malformation (CM). Before that diagnosis, he was diagnosed with different illnesses and given medication for it but still to no avail. So when finally he was diagnosed of CM he was able to go to sleep normally and act normally as well.

So what is chiari malformation? Chiari malformation is a neurological disorder in which the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine, causing a number of symptoms, including sleeplessness. When the doctor found out about it in the boy, they decided to make the surgery, which is a 50-50 chance that the boy can go to sleep normally. Thankfully the result of the surgery is positive and the boy now lives a normal life.

It is very interesting to know about this. Like for us parents of toddlers we are concerned of our children and this information can help us assists our kids behavior. If you want to know more about this news you can click it here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Having a New Hobby

I was asking my husband about having a new hobby. A hobby that is not only physically satisfying but also challenge your mind. Yeah like, maybe paintball. He laughed at me because in his profession being in the military, they have real armor and he don't want a hobby that has something to do with it again. I know he got a point but he said maybe when he is retired he will. But for those who wanted to make it as a hobby, you can check out to see paintball gear and accessories. They sell kingman paintball and tippmann paintball that are really very in demand. So for those paintball enthusiasts, check them out now!

Watching I Love Betty La Fea

I am being bad today. I watched I Love Betty La Fea all day long. Yeah, I have been asking why it wasn't shown on TFC but when I searched it through youtube I was able to find it. So then I started watching the episodes way back in September. Imagine that :-) I was hooked into it big time. I thought of watching just few episodes and watch the rest later but I can't get over it. I am now in the month of January. I skipped the October episodes though. I started watching it around 9am and stopped at 7pm because I have to finish opportunities that will expire at 9pm. Although I can still hear the conversation while I do my tasks but I can't concentrate on what to write when I am occupied so now I crammed in doing this opportunities. Hopefully I can finish it before the clock strikes at 9pm.

Change at

After the inauguration the Obama camp right away made changes of the, the official website of the President's home. I checked out the site and it is very fresh and interesting with a lot of information pertaining the white house. You can also read the President's inagural speech as well as policies and agenda on his presidency. I am now bookmarking it because they promised about a transparent government and you can find whatever information you need to know when it comes to his program of government. One thing also very interesting in that website is the gallery of Presidents of the USA from 1st George Washington up to the 44th Barack Obama; you can read White House 101 which is really very interesting to develop your US history knowledge; read the blog; and watch videos regarding the President. If you want change to be realized, then we should all be active again in this government. We have to start the change within ourselves.

Low Appetite

I really don't know how to explain it but our DD, ever since she was born, is a slow eater. I think she always has low appetite. I tried ways to increase her appetite but she just eat slow. Her nutritionist had made an eating plan for her and gave her vitamins but still she don't gain much weight. Her weight gain is very slow. When she had her blood work out I though she will have some deficiency but thank God the doctor ruled it out because all the blood chem is normal. So then the doctor and her nutritionist told me that she may just be a small baby just like me :-) But on the lighter note, I am relieved that she is healthy and did not have any illness. I was telling myself that I wish I will be the one who has low appetite because honestly, I need an appetite suppressant like Fentraphen because lately I feel like eating all the time. Even at wee hours I am craving of something to eat. Since the holiday I gained about 4 pounds and I don't want to gain another pound anymore. Hopefully I can have it down by next month.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virtual Education

I was watching Fox News and saw a special report about virtual classrooms in an Alabama school district. They uses this to reach out to students living below poverty to still avail of education and a promise of college education as well. Virtual education, according to Wikipedia, refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through course management applications, multimedia, the Internet, Video teleconference, videoconferencing, etc. Students receive the content and communicate with the teacher via the same technologies. I saw on that report students were inside a classroom while they saw their teacher in a big monitor. Students said it is very cool. They can communicate to their instructor through email and even calling them. But other students said that sometimes it is hard because they don't have the teacher physically if they want to ask question and need an outright answer. I had classes online before although I like it but I also met problems especially so that you need to learn everything through reading and comprehending what you read. What I like most about it is I learn through my own pace and I don't have to go out and drive.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening a New Business

As I have said in my previous post that my brother told my parents to manage their future furniture business that they just moved to my hometown. My parents owned a business before and they are not new in running a business well. They had a grocery store, they were buying gold as well as buying and selling rice and corn. But everything went downhill as the years past. I suggested to my sisters to utilize the lot in front of our house and put up a mini grocery store also to keep my parents busy as well while supervising the furniture shop. I hope they will think about it and come up with a feasible plan. I am willing to chip in for the cost and will get some fixture needed. I can even buy the cash drawer that is very important to store cash sales. I remember before that the cash drawer that they used is made of wood and it is not really safe. It can be easily broken. The picture of a drawer on the side is the kind that I will get when this business plan will push through. I am now very excited. Hopefully they can do the plan and let me know about it as soon as possible.

Where Were You Yesterday?

Well I was glued on television for more than ten hours :-) Yeah from 5am until around midnight. I don't have any appointment or errand to do, so me and our DD just stayed at home all day. I opened the television in the bedroom while I was in our DD's room and when she woke up we transferred to the living room. The TV was on even if I was doing household chores because I don't want to miss out the historical event, the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America and the first African-American to become the President.

(Photo courtesy from Yahoo News)

It is so amazing how the national mall was filled with millions of people. I am just watching on TV and I can feel the excitement as well seeing the sea of humanity. I myself is also inspired by the President's call for hope and unity. The value of taking the responsibility and be accountable of our own action is old and we need to uphold it to achieve the happiness and success that we all crave. President Obama's inaugural speech is very moving and even though there are those political historians and media who have been critical with it, but for me it sent out the message that inspires a lot of people. More Power to the new President and I pray for the unity of all Americans to get through this hard times.

(Photo courtesy from Yahoo News)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pulling out the Business

My brother has a furniture business back in the Philippines. It was located in the province of Bukidnon. I talked to my parents on the weekend and she told me that my brother pulled out his business there because they were being cheated by the one who handled the business. The shameful thing is that, the caretaker is a relative. My brother work as an overseas seaman and only get to be there one or two months and he's away most of the time. His wife, my SIL from Bukidnon, can only go there two times a month because their daughter is studying in IS, Cagayan de Oro City. They thought that the one who managed the business can be trusted but apparently not.

So, my brother decided to have the business pulled out from Bukidnon. He still has small inventory of different furniture and fixture and good thing one of the living room set was bought on the day my sisters went there to help him packed and moved the rest. My sisters and my parents also got some items from the inventory to include china cabinet, 12 sitter dining set, carved wooden doors, couches, tables and chairs. Now they are planning of transferring the business in my hometown so my parents and sisters can look into it. It may be far from their residence but knowing there are trusted people to manage it is comforting on his part.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Educational Massage DVDs

Nowadays there are so many do it yourself stuff that you can find. Not only for home projects, hobbies or what not but even your usual day trip to a massage salon can be done at the comfort of your home through this how to give a massage DVD that Aesthetic Video Source is offering. There are different types of massage technique and you can find it there. I like to have a foot massage when I have my pedicure done and AVS has a DVD for it too. The expert massage therapist Meade Steadman developed these different techniques and have it on DVD so everyone can do it by themselves. You can even check out a swedish massage technique in DVD as well. You can check out Aesthetic Video Source now and get a copy for yourself. Check out the video below also for a sneak peak of what they are offering.

Pregnancy Massage Video

Massage Videos | Prenatal Massage

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting with Friends

It has been a long time since I last saw my friend L. We live in the same apartment complex but we're busy to meet up. We only get to talk over the phone. Yesterday she called me and asked me something and she mentioned that they are going to Polynesian Grill, a Filipino-Hawaiian restaurant. I have seen this resto before but haven't been there yet. Since we are in the area already we decided to meet up with them at the restaurant for dinner.

Time flies really so fast because the last time I saw them, their daughter is not walking yet and the last time they saw our DD, she wasn't walking yet as well. While we were eating and chitchatting, our daughters were also playing, running around. It was a good thing that we're the only customers left and the little ones cannot disturb other people. How I wish they are staying here but unfortunately they are moving to other states. Her husband will retire from the Army and got a civilian job out of state. We surely will miss them but I am still hoping to see them again some time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Collection Problem? APR is the Answer

My instructor in my Medical Coding and Billing class has her own medical billing business. She said one problem she encountered in her business is collecting past due medical accounts of patients. Some goes back to years and years ago. Although some of it are already forwarded to agencies that does Debt Collection. She also told us that she really don't want to forward it to any collection agencies but it will be very costly on her part if she will be the one pursuing the delinquent accounts. But right now she is looking for a good agency to work with since she got a problem with the one she is using right now.

I found a very good Debt Collection agency online that I am sure can really help her in collecting past due accounts. This is the American Profit Recovery (APR). This agency is very different from other collection agency because they will not only collect the debt but also work in retaining customers for you. Usually I heard collection agencies to be so impersonal and rude but with APR, they value excellent customer service. They are customer-driven, very professional, and most of all respect the business as well as the customers they are working with. So, if your company has a collection problem you can check out APR first before going to other collection agency. They have proven track record in collecting and recovering profit successfully.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do You Tell Your Spouse I Love You Everyday?

In Reader's Digest Feb '09 issue Around the World with One Question, the question is "How often do you tell your spouse I Love You?" Ten countries answered that everyday, couples, share the love with each other. And the statistic below show the percentage of couples telling 'I Love You' to each other daily.
  • South Africa 70%
  • United States 67%
  • United Kingdom 65%
  • Australia 65%
  • France 57%
  • Brazil 56%
  • Germany 51%
  • Italy 50%
  • India 47%
  • Turkey 44%
Looking back, when me and hubby were still corresponding he wrote to me that everyday in our lives he will always tell me I love you and he will not get tired of saying it many times in a day. I am happy to say that until now he never fail to say it to me and me to him. It does really work wonders hearing that validation of both your feelings to each other. I always pray that amidst the challenges we face each day, we will not forget to mention these powerful words to each others.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Year Agreement is Over

Last December was my last month to complete the two year agreement of our cell phone subscription with Sprint. Since we are already eligible for update we think of doing it right now. My husband has been with Sprint for more than ten years now and this is my second two year agreement with them. We are that loyal to them although there has been issues from the past.

Now, he is contemplating of upgrading our cellphones but I told him to hold off first because honestly I really don't need another one. I have this Samsung A900 for two years now and it works just fine with me. I don't need a flashy or more high tech ones since I am mostly at home. But I told him that he needed a new one since his has a chip near its antenna. He uses his phone more than I do. I have been looking online for free phone when we upgrade so I hope we can find one that he will like. As for myself, I will think about it first and see if I can also find a free phone that I can replace with what I have now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Box to Fill

I talked to my mother this passed weekend and she was not really feeling well. She had fever and was resting when I contacted her. I asked her if they got the boxes that I sent last December and she said not yet. I am pretty sure they will get it within this month. It has not been 40 days yet so most probably on the third week they will have it. When I sent the boxes I was given replacement boxes. I have the two here that I have to fill. Since we cleared out our storage this passed weekend, I found some stuff that I need to send. I also got the cheap lingerie that I ordered online to give to my sister. She is already excited to see it. I will send the box when I will know they already have the two I sent in December.

January Flooding

The state of Washington is being hit by flood after the heavy snowing in December. It has been raining since yesterday and many areas are already flooded. The DOT here in our state is already declaring to close part of Interstate five near Chehalis. This is the same area that was closed in December of 2007 because of flooding. Our county is among the counties that are hit by this too much raining. The nearest river from us is the Nisqually River but I think we will be okay here. The flooding really create too much problem in many areas here in Washington. I hope those that are directly hit will takes caution and listen to the orders of authority. I heard that some places have a recommended evacuation and it is best to follow such order to avoid any big problem later on.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Habits Die Hard

They said that old habits die hard and I thought so too. We talked about not eating late at night as part of our New Year's resolution but we broke it already :-) On Saturday we were cleaning our storage, toss old papers and trash, and put out our Christmas decors. We ended our operation cleaning passed 10pm and we felt like eating pizza. So, I ended up ordering a delivery from Pizza Hut. Our order was delivered by 11pm. We were devouring the supreme pizza, honey bbq chicken wings and soda until midnight. It wasn't a good idea really but we excused ourselves since we did not have much at daytime and we worked hard. Hopefully we will not do it again soon :-)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remembering Our Engagement

While we were sorting out the stuffs we have to store, hubby suddenly blurted out to me the time when he was selecting engagement rings to give to me. He said that the person who helped him to pick the ring insisted the white gold one but he prefers yellow gold instead. When he bought the ring, he asked himself if he is really sure of himself. We haven't seen each other for 2 years and then all of a sudden he is willing to give me a ring in his first visit.

When he visited me in United Kingdom for the first time, I did not expect him to give me a ring. I don't have a clue what will happen. I was thinking it will be a getting to know you more period. If we feel that we love each other and cannot live to be separated for long, then he will go to Philippines and we proceed for the engagement. But it was all so sudden. We knew that the 2 years of having a long distance online relationship is enough and it is time for us to be together forever, so he asked my hand for marriage and gave me the ring he picked to my surprise; then the rest is history. I am glad that for 6 years, 2 years of long distance online relationship and 4 years of marriage, we are still going strong. I couldn't ask for more in my life right now.

Storage Organizing

Our day today was spent cleaning up the storage room and taking down Christmas decorations. As I have said in my other blog that we bought ornament storage and plastic boxes yesterday to store all the decors we have. This afternoon when hubby put back all the big boxes inside the storage he still have some stuffs inside a cardboard box to include old military uniform and gears, old books and luggage. So, he went back to the store and bought a 49 gal wheeled tote. This bins, baskets, and totes are really very handy in organizing closets and storage areas. I am very glad these were invented.

Now we are throwing away all the cardboard boxes. The storage room is more organized and more airy. I hope we can finish our closets as well. We cleaned it up before winter but now we accumulated some stuffs again. Hubby's old camouflage bottoms will be sent to Philippines since hubby is not using it anymore. They have the ACUs now. My brothers-in-law will definitely be happy with it.

Where to get Sinks?

Planning for a house renovation soon, like kitchen or bathroom updates? If so, you need to check out for different designs and styles of faucets, sinks and other accessories. They have wide selection of decors for your kitchen and bathroom. They have Kohler sinks that are known to be of good quality but very affordable fixture. You can select a design from contemporary, modern, traditional, Victorian, and many others. Give them a visit now and who knows you will find the one you are looking for.
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