Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Box to Fill

I talked to my mother this passed weekend and she was not really feeling well. She had fever and was resting when I contacted her. I asked her if they got the boxes that I sent last December and she said not yet. I am pretty sure they will get it within this month. It has not been 40 days yet so most probably on the third week they will have it. When I sent the boxes I was given replacement boxes. I have the two here that I have to fill. Since we cleared out our storage this passed weekend, I found some stuff that I need to send. I also got the cheap lingerie that I ordered online to give to my sister. She is already excited to see it. I will send the box when I will know they already have the two I sent in December.

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Anonymous said...

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Merydith said...

Mama nag another round na sad mi ug snow diri. Sige overnight ug snow. Saon nalang ta aning dapita uy. Akoa box naa sad diri ang duha wa pa na send. Overflowing na ang usa pero wa pa nako mabalhin sa ika duha. Usahay lang mobalibad ko nga binlan ug lain na box kay unsaon mangita man sad jud ug ma sulod then bayad na sad.

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