Friday, January 23, 2009

Change at

After the inauguration the Obama camp right away made changes of the, the official website of the President's home. I checked out the site and it is very fresh and interesting with a lot of information pertaining the white house. You can also read the President's inagural speech as well as policies and agenda on his presidency. I am now bookmarking it because they promised about a transparent government and you can find whatever information you need to know when it comes to his program of government. One thing also very interesting in that website is the gallery of Presidents of the USA from 1st George Washington up to the 44th Barack Obama; you can read White House 101 which is really very interesting to develop your US history knowledge; read the blog; and watch videos regarding the President. If you want change to be realized, then we should all be active again in this government. We have to start the change within ourselves.

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