Thursday, January 15, 2009

Collection Problem? APR is the Answer

My instructor in my Medical Coding and Billing class has her own medical billing business. She said one problem she encountered in her business is collecting past due medical accounts of patients. Some goes back to years and years ago. Although some of it are already forwarded to agencies that does Debt Collection. She also told us that she really don't want to forward it to any collection agencies but it will be very costly on her part if she will be the one pursuing the delinquent accounts. But right now she is looking for a good agency to work with since she got a problem with the one she is using right now.

I found a very good Debt Collection agency online that I am sure can really help her in collecting past due accounts. This is the American Profit Recovery (APR). This agency is very different from other collection agency because they will not only collect the debt but also work in retaining customers for you. Usually I heard collection agencies to be so impersonal and rude but with APR, they value excellent customer service. They are customer-driven, very professional, and most of all respect the business as well as the customers they are working with. So, if your company has a collection problem you can check out APR first before going to other collection agency. They have proven track record in collecting and recovering profit successfully.

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