Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy is Building Something

When at home during weekends and no work, hubby will play with our DD. I said before that I bought these 100-piece foam blocks for our DD on Christmas. One night while our DD was playing Daddy joined her. When her Daddy start to build something she will destroy it. I brought her inside the room to change her and when we got back to the living room Daddy made a little castle out of the foam blocks. It's so funny to look at our DD because she was itching to topple it down. But when she will try to do it she will retreat back. I think she knew that Daddy made the effort and don't want to destroy it. We waited and observed what she is going to do. It took more than 20 minutes of holding back on her part and then she decided to start picking up the small parts and then pushed what her Daddy made. She is getting more patient now than before.

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