Friday, January 23, 2009

Low Appetite

I really don't know how to explain it but our DD, ever since she was born, is a slow eater. I think she always has low appetite. I tried ways to increase her appetite but she just eat slow. Her nutritionist had made an eating plan for her and gave her vitamins but still she don't gain much weight. Her weight gain is very slow. When she had her blood work out I though she will have some deficiency but thank God the doctor ruled it out because all the blood chem is normal. So then the doctor and her nutritionist told me that she may just be a small baby just like me :-) But on the lighter note, I am relieved that she is healthy and did not have any illness. I was telling myself that I wish I will be the one who has low appetite because honestly, I need an appetite suppressant like Fentraphen because lately I feel like eating all the time. Even at wee hours I am craving of something to eat. Since the holiday I gained about 4 pounds and I don't want to gain another pound anymore. Hopefully I can have it down by next month.

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