Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting with Friends

It has been a long time since I last saw my friend L. We live in the same apartment complex but we're busy to meet up. We only get to talk over the phone. Yesterday she called me and asked me something and she mentioned that they are going to Polynesian Grill, a Filipino-Hawaiian restaurant. I have seen this resto before but haven't been there yet. Since we are in the area already we decided to meet up with them at the restaurant for dinner.

Time flies really so fast because the last time I saw them, their daughter is not walking yet and the last time they saw our DD, she wasn't walking yet as well. While we were eating and chitchatting, our daughters were also playing, running around. It was a good thing that we're the only customers left and the little ones cannot disturb other people. How I wish they are staying here but unfortunately they are moving to other states. Her husband will retire from the Army and got a civilian job out of state. We surely will miss them but I am still hoping to see them again some time.

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