Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening a New Business

As I have said in my previous post that my brother told my parents to manage their future furniture business that they just moved to my hometown. My parents owned a business before and they are not new in running a business well. They had a grocery store, they were buying gold as well as buying and selling rice and corn. But everything went downhill as the years past. I suggested to my sisters to utilize the lot in front of our house and put up a mini grocery store also to keep my parents busy as well while supervising the furniture shop. I hope they will think about it and come up with a feasible plan. I am willing to chip in for the cost and will get some fixture needed. I can even buy the cash drawer that is very important to store cash sales. I remember before that the cash drawer that they used is made of wood and it is not really safe. It can be easily broken. The picture of a drawer on the side is the kind that I will get when this business plan will push through. I am now very excited. Hopefully they can do the plan and let me know about it as soon as possible.

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