Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pub Hopping

When my husband, then boyfriend, visited me in UK, we went to Wales to visit my best friend. She was a nurse there and she invited us for her birthday and also to meet him. It was a vacation I can't forget. While we were at their place, one Friday night she said that we are going to a pub. I was very excited because it was my first time and also out first date at a pub. Going to an English pub was an experience. Since the downtown area is just near out friend's place, we walked going there. I learned that most people there go to the pub during Friday night to unwind. We went to 2 pubs that night and it was very packed. We had a great time. While on our way home, there were people walking home as well. I was impressed because there was no untoward incident or commotion that happened. The police were all over the place but just watching the pub goers. Since I've been here in the US I have never been to a bar or pub. We once went inside a casino but never stayed long. We may have a chance again whenever our DD will be old enough to fend for herself and I don't know when it is gonna be :-)

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