Saturday, January 3, 2009

Storage Organizing

Our day today was spent cleaning up the storage room and taking down Christmas decorations. As I have said in my other blog that we bought ornament storage and plastic boxes yesterday to store all the decors we have. This afternoon when hubby put back all the big boxes inside the storage he still have some stuffs inside a cardboard box to include old military uniform and gears, old books and luggage. So, he went back to the store and bought a 49 gal wheeled tote. This bins, baskets, and totes are really very handy in organizing closets and storage areas. I am very glad these were invented.

Now we are throwing away all the cardboard boxes. The storage room is more organized and more airy. I hope we can finish our closets as well. We cleaned it up before winter but now we accumulated some stuffs again. Hubby's old camouflage bottoms will be sent to Philippines since hubby is not using it anymore. They have the ACUs now. My brothers-in-law will definitely be happy with it.

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