Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Year Agreement is Over

Last December was my last month to complete the two year agreement of our cell phone subscription with Sprint. Since we are already eligible for update we think of doing it right now. My husband has been with Sprint for more than ten years now and this is my second two year agreement with them. We are that loyal to them although there has been issues from the past.

Now, he is contemplating of upgrading our cellphones but I told him to hold off first because honestly I really don't need another one. I have this Samsung A900 for two years now and it works just fine with me. I don't need a flashy or more high tech ones since I am mostly at home. But I told him that he needed a new one since his has a chip near its antenna. He uses his phone more than I do. I have been looking online for free phone when we upgrade so I hope we can find one that he will like. As for myself, I will think about it first and see if I can also find a free phone that I can replace with what I have now.

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