Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unemployment Crisis

It is depressing to know that more and more people are being laid off from their job nowadays. Just today it was reported that well-known retail stores such as Target and Best Buy are also on the process of laying off some of its employees. I also heard on the news about the tragic incident in California wherein the father killed his wife and their five children then killed himself because they were both laid off from their jobs. It should not happen but people have different ways of coping. I pray that there'll be no incident like it that will happen again. My prayers are with that entire family and the relatives that are left behind. I am praying that the government will do something about the crisis soon. I am hoping also that when hubby look for jobs in IT after he retire from the Army the crisis is already over. It is very difficult for anyone to deal with loss of job and it can ruin family. If you are just being laid off and you feel depressed you need to seek help and talk to somebody to ease the burden.

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