Thursday, January 22, 2009

Virtual Education

I was watching Fox News and saw a special report about virtual classrooms in an Alabama school district. They uses this to reach out to students living below poverty to still avail of education and a promise of college education as well. Virtual education, according to Wikipedia, refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through course management applications, multimedia, the Internet, Video teleconference, videoconferencing, etc. Students receive the content and communicate with the teacher via the same technologies. I saw on that report students were inside a classroom while they saw their teacher in a big monitor. Students said it is very cool. They can communicate to their instructor through email and even calling them. But other students said that sometimes it is hard because they don't have the teacher physically if they want to ask question and need an outright answer. I had classes online before although I like it but I also met problems especially so that you need to learn everything through reading and comprehending what you read. What I like most about it is I learn through my own pace and I don't have to go out and drive.

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