Friday, January 23, 2009

Watching I Love Betty La Fea

I am being bad today. I watched I Love Betty La Fea all day long. Yeah, I have been asking why it wasn't shown on TFC but when I searched it through youtube I was able to find it. So then I started watching the episodes way back in September. Imagine that :-) I was hooked into it big time. I thought of watching just few episodes and watch the rest later but I can't get over it. I am now in the month of January. I skipped the October episodes though. I started watching it around 9am and stopped at 7pm because I have to finish opportunities that will expire at 9pm. Although I can still hear the conversation while I do my tasks but I can't concentrate on what to write when I am occupied so now I crammed in doing this opportunities. Hopefully I can finish it before the clock strikes at 9pm.

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