Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Filipino Store Trip

We just got back from having dinner at a Filipino restaurant here in our area. I learned of this restaurant and store before but it was our second time to go there. When hubby called me that he is on his way home, he asked me that he can take me out for dinner. I cooked rice and thawed chicken but was very lazy to cook something so I said yes. The restaurant will close at 7pm and hubby arrived home almost 6pm. Me and our DD were already dressed so we just waited for him to change. We got to the restaurant 6:30pm. There were only two people eating and some are waiting for their take out. We had barbeque chicken, pork sinigang, and bistek (beef steak). Hubby like their bistek a lot that he asked me to get a take out.

After eating I bought some Filipino goodies. I got Goldilock's siopao, sardines, Mang Tomas sauce, lucky me pancit canton, chicken tocino, and other goodies :-) I was wondering why they don't have Knorr Magic Sarap here. I've been looking for it in every Filipino store that we can go to but I can't find it here. I heard that it can really make your food tasteful. Kris Aquino, one of the famous stars in the Philippine showbiz, is endorsing the product. I hope I can find it here one day. When we got out of the store hubby then teased me that getting the goodies made my day :-) Of course, it's not all the time I can eat the food that I used to eat back in the Philippines.

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