Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Only

If only we have wood flooring it will be happy days for me every day. We live in an apartment and we have carpeted floor all over except the kitchen, bathroom and little area at the entrance. If you have a toddler in the house I'm sure you can relate to me. Before hubby left he cleaned our carpet and had it steam cleaned as well. Every single day since hubby left, that was 10 days ago, I vacuum the floor to get rid of our DD's food spills and other small debris from her daily activities. What is getting into me is cleaning the stains all the time because I can't stand looking at it. Sometimes I have to wait for couple of days to tackle it since I know she will mess it up again during her meals. I think this is the downside of having a carpeted floor and having a toddler. I tried to feed her by myself for less mess but I need to train her to become more independent. And you know when toddlers eat by themselves, expect the food to be all over the place. What is funny when she eats and her hands become dirty, she will tell me "dirty" and wants it wiped. If I am not fast enough she will fleck it and there goes the food on the floor making the carpet stained (chuckle).

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Stacie said...

yes yes yes...i have hardwood and it is easy to clean!!!

Richard.M said...

We have a wooden floor in our home, the house is a lot colder than if we had carpets.

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