Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Was Snowing

We woke up kinda late this morning. Hubby called me around 6pm but went back to sleep after we talked. I didn't know that it was snowing. Every morning since hubby left I always bring our DD to the window and let her peek outside. I was shocked when I opened the blinds and saw the ground blanketed with snow. I blurted 'oh my' to my amazement and DD was also saying 'owwww'. Yesterday it was a fine day and then this morning it was like a snow storm passed by. I think it was snowing very early in the morning since the snow on the ground was already thick. I waited for it to stop so I can go to the store to get some stuff but the snow came down hard until around 3pm. When hubby called again I told him about the snowy situation and he laughed at me because I was praying before he left hoping it will not snow again but it snowed so I will be stuck in the house until the snow melts. Well, I am confident that we got supplies even if it will be snowing for days. I was thinking not to go out and just get our mails tomorrow but I know our DD will be happy to see or walk in the snow. So I put on her snow suit. Indeed she was very happy to walk outside even if it was freezing. At least she was able to breathe fresh winter air again. Unfortunately I wasn't ablt to get a picture of her since hubby brought the camera with him.

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"J" said...

Hi! I seen you were a follower of my blog! I'm just stopping by to say hi and check out your blog!!!!

Where do you live that you get snow?!?!

I live in Texas...we NEVER get snow!!!! I wished!!! We did get a little right before Christmas but it didn't really stick to the ground...it was a sight to see by us "TEXAS FOLKS" =)

Raquel said...

mads, di jud na to ma predict ang weather sa US ba. Usahay gani mo abot mig 70 degrees og inig ka ugma, mo down dayon og 20.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! just want to say to you. i like your blog so nice. wish i could know how to do this.

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