Sunday, February 8, 2009

Of Tree Planting

I remember back in the Philippines that we always accompany our parents to our farm. We helped them in tree planting, harvest fruits and vegetables and tend to some of our farm animals. I kind of missed doing it. Our life back there is laid back and easy going and it felt good to be with your family. I know I can still do it when I go back there and give them a visit. Here in the US I have been dreaming of owning a good piece of land so I can also plant trees, flowers and vegetables. It is a good thing to have your own garden and cook veggies from your own backyard. If ever this will come true I would definitely plant some trees such as Mulberry trees, Palm trees and other fruit bearing trees aside from flowering plants and vegetables. I know I have a green thumb and I only need a piece of land to exercise it. My mother taught us how to garden and take care of plants and I am hoping in the future I can also teach my kids the same.

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