Friday, March 27, 2009

Follow Me

Before, I only joined one social network and it's friendster. Then came myspace, facebook, plurk and twitter. I made an account with myspace but I wasn't that interested. When facebook was announced I checked it out and did not pursue on it until recently. I heard a lot of television programs that are on facebook and some of my friends are into it so I joined the bandwagon. I created an account just a few months ago and now I am so into it as well. Early last year when I heard about twitter I also made my own account. I had a hard time figuring out what to do with it so I did not mind it at all. And just recently also I activated my account again and start twittering. The twitter-mania is big now and twitter-land is expanding like a pangea. Honestly even if I started my account last year but I only got to enjoy using it now. I started to build followers and I am also following people that I find very interested. It is fun and I get to read real time infos and news from different sources/people. This is fun and cool and you can follow me @blessie.

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