Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Need to Get Away

My mind is in turmoil right now that I think I need to get away. There are just too many goings on and I am just going with the flow. I suggested to my husband to check out for beach vacation rentals that we can consider to go for a vacation to recoup this coming spring. My body, mind and soul felt exhausted. I need to rest and I feel that the ocean breeze is perfect for me to breathe in. I am looking at the beaches in South Carolina for a possible place to go. We can hit two birds with one stone when we decided to go there. We can have the vacation as well as see relatives before hubby leave for deployment. Although we needed to do a lot of things here but I am pretty sure we can squeeze in this much needed vacation. For now I will just have to take it easy and process everything one step at a time. God is good and I know He will always be here for us.

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