Friday, March 13, 2009

Maternity Lingerie

We were at the mall this afternoon and I was browsing around. We passed by a lingerie store and I decided to take a peek. I asked the sales person if they have maternity lingerie and she told me they have some but not as much choices. They're waiting for their shipment for the month and hopefully there will be stocks in that shipment. Honestly hubby bought me lingerie but I don't wear it often. I think I just wore it twice and that's it. He asked me why I am not wearing it and I replied I don't feel comfortable in it. I prefer the regular ones and when I go to sleep I wear pajamas or shorts. I don't even wear a house dress coz I feel I can't move quick in it. Now that I am pregnant I guess I need to make some adjustments. If my tummy gets bigger I needed to wear big size clothing, may it be a house dress or maternity lingerie. I think I will have to make a mental note to get use to it now so when that time comes I will be comfortable wearing. I may have to visit a maternity clothing store and start looking for what I need.

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