Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Need to Loss Weight

Before we learned that we are expecting, I thought of trying to enroll in a gym to lost weight. When I had the pregnancy test in January and the result was negative I was planning to go to the nearest fitness center to ask about their rates. Me and hubby already discussed about it and he give me a go signal. But something was keeping me from doing so. I told myself I will wait until my menstrual cycle comes back to really make sure I am not pregnant. So I waited until the next month. When I did the test again and it came out positive, I was really thankful that I did not go to the fitness center and start a regime. I think a mother's instinct kicked in on me and subconsciously telling me not to do any rigorous exercise because there is a little angel growing inside me. So for now I will just do exercise fit for pregnant woman. But for those that think of losing weight, check out the best weight loss pills online at You can either resort to pills or do an exercise routine. Just make sure that you consult your physician before you take anything or do exercise. For me right now, I needed to boost my energy to have a healthy pregnancy and increase my calorie intake to gain weight and not loss any.

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