Friday, March 20, 2009

Out and About

We were out most of the afternoon today. It is Friday and we were hoping it's going to be sunny but unfortunately it was raining heavily. Our first destination was the college. I went there to get my books at the bookstore. It was raining cats and dogs and I walked from one building to another to process my paper works. But it was all worth it since I was able to have my books and I did not pay a dime. From the college we went on post at the Children and Youth Services to inquire about day care for our DD. There will be times that hubby will not be at home to take care of her while I go to school. To prepare for those days we need to find somebody or a day care provider that we can trust. Hubby filled up the papers needed and we are told to wait for their call within two business days. Hopefully we will be able to hear from them on Wednesday. After the CYS hubby went to his office to pick up something and then we dropped off his suits for dry cleaning. Since it was almost dinner time we decided to stop by at the Filipino restaurant. We had dinner there and I bought some Filipino foodies for take home. While in the restaurant I had a call of nature and went inside their restroom. It was my first time using their restroom and I am impressed. They have Asian-inspired decor inside and a vanity with double undermount sink that looks very elegant. It was very clean too. We may have a tiring day but I was glad I was able to replenish my energy with some Filipino dishes :-)

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