Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pregnancy Concerns

As I have said before that during my first pregnancy I did not have any problems at all. As a first timer though I have a lot of concerns about being pregnant but I was assured by my health care provider that I am doing great. Now that I am pregnant again, it is somewhat different. I experience things that I did not experience before. Aside from the morning sickness, now I have concern about spotting. I already mentioned it to the nurse practitioner during my in-take appointment and based on what I told her she said that I need to have the lab tests done and if I feel that the spotting increases over time or it will not stop I need to notify them right away. Since it has been a week already that it didn't occur when I had that appointment so I thought it is alright.

Yesterday we had a very busy day. When I was ready to go to bed I went to the loo and noticed again the spotting. I did not feel any cramping though. This morning I had it again and I even told hubby that I will go to the ER if it becomes worst. I researched online about bleeding during pregnancy and I found out this information below from

"Vaginal bleeding can occur frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy and may not be a sign of problems. But bleeding that occurs in the second and third trimester of pregnancy can often be a sign of a possible complication. Bleeding can be caused by a number of reasons."

I am now in my first trimester of pregnancy and I am hoping that this is not a sign of any problems. I will just take a good rest or bed rest for this weekend and then on Monday I will definitely go to the clinic and see my healthcare provider since they allow walk in for any emergencies. For the time being I am monitoring my spotting if it will occur again and if it get worst.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

kuyawa sa imong pregnancy karon bless no? i hope everything will be alright though. i have the worst experience w/ triz. pero di gud to worst jud oi kay di pa man naku ma-kumpara kay primero pa man. hopefully sa next time, di na pareho sauna or worst.. ing-ana pud amo kauban sa churh karon ba. smooth kaayo sila sa first pregnancy, karon with their second ones kay complicated kaayo ilang first trimester.

take extra time to rest lang jud Bless..

Bless said...

@ Recel - Lagi cel oi kuyawan btaw ko ani kay mura sab ko ug first time na buntis. Lahi lahi jud daw ang pagbuntis. I pray nga everything will be okay. Salamat sa concern :-) I appreciate it.

Gilbert/ Cely said...

Kaya lagi na nimo Bless... Ikaw pa! Ayaw lang palabi ug hago... that's the key.

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