Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Talking to My Family in Philippines

Yesterday we were all over the place again. When hubby decided to go inside Walmart I told him that me and our DD will just stay inside the truck since it was raining. So while waiting for him I called my Mom in the Philippines. It was Tuesday morning in Pinas and my Mom told me that my sister is there from Davao. She also brought her first grandchild (in-picture). She is 19 months old now. Our DD is three months older than her. My Mom told me that even if she is still 19 months old she is already very talkative. I was able to talk to her and true enough she talks like a big kid already. She even sung to me "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", the alphabet, "Happy Birthday Song" and "Pen-Pen de Sarapen". She did not only memorize the lyrics but she sung it in tune too.

On the contrary with our DD, she talks but her vocabulary is not that extensive yet. I know babies develop differently but I am also wishing that she can converse to me clearly of what she wanted. But nevertheless, I am very proud of her for trying to speak even if she is the only one who can understand what she is talking about most of the time :-) I am so looking forward to see my family back in Philippines and also see my first grandchild :-) My parents and siblings are also very excited to see my husband and our DD. Hopefully our vacation plan will push through.

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Raquel said...

As a mother, we always worry a lot but don't worry mads, it doesn't mean slow learner atong anak. Just like Maria, ning abot nalang syag 3 years old but she can talk and speak only few words. Akong ika recommend, expose your DD with other kids. Go to the park kung tugnaw gani, adto sa Mcdo kay makadula sila didto with other kids. Mao na akong gibuhat kang Maria kung di mi maka adto sa park. Lahi ra ang interaction sa mga bata kay naa silay way of talking like binata.

Mee mOe said...

CUTE...Very CUTE ;)

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