Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free People Dress

Fashion is I guess is one of the ever changing things in this world. Every season, every year you can find new trends and styles coming out in the market. Some fashion analysts even predicts what would come out in the coming years, what colors and accessories are in and so much stuffs relating to the fashion industry. You can even find various resources online to look for the latest fashion, the just released styles of dress and other apparel. One style or trend resources that a lot of fashionistas are frequenting is the Style Hive at It is very interesting to know what preference other people have in fashion. In this site you can share whatever fashion sense you have, share where you get your accessories and what store you love getting your apparel. This is where I found the link where to get this Free People dress, at If not for Style Hive I will not be able to check out other sites that offers great merchandise such as this cute dress on the side. I only love looking at it though since I don't think so if it fits for me :-) Now I love to frequent Style Hive because I know I will discover a lot and there are more to see.

Saving Money Tip

I subscribed to and as you know you will receive emails about what's new and some very informative and helpful stuff we can use in our daily lives. I learned through their article that they sent through the emails is about ways in saving money. We all know that this time of economic downturn we are all looking for ways where we can reduce expenses and put money on the side. For us one of the most expensive bill that we pay every month, aside from rent, is our cellphone bill. We have a Sprint carrier. We're with them for the longest time. I use my cellphone to call my family in the Philippines. Last month my bill for international calling is around $158. I called them a lot because of some things that happened here at out end. Most of the times though I always have my international calling bill high. Hubby don't want to cut it off since it is really handy. I tried buying calling cards and compared it's about the same.

Now, through the article I read at, they mentioned about a free calling services that you can call internationally. This is through I went to the site but unfortunately Philippines is not included among the countries that they serviced. Most countries there are in Europe, Australia and some in Asia, like Hongkong and China. So if you want to call European countries you can try it and reduce your telephone bills. Whenever my cousin settles in Australia, I will try to use the service. They promised of talking all you want for free with only a 10 second ad for you to hear before you're connected. I can deal with that as long as I can save money on my telephone bill :-)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flu Outbreak

Have you heard about this new flu out break that is hitting Mexico? I've seen it on the news that there is a new strain flu outbreak in Mexico that making a lot people sick and died. They call it the swine flu. Schools, and other public areas where being closed in order to prevent it from spreading out. They also advised people not to have a large gathering to prevent it from contaminating others. Here in the US, accordingly, there were 8 cases already noted in border states, California and Texas. The US authorities are very serious about this new strain and I am hoping a new vaccine can be formulated as soon as possible before it spreads out all over the world and killing many. It is best for all people to also be cautious. Wash hands all the time and boost immune system by eating more fruits and vegetables to keep healthy.

Comfortable Footwear

My Mom is in her 70's and she complains foot pain due to her arthritis all the time. Both her and my father goes to our farm and they walk for more than 30 minutes one way to the farm. They're only wearing flip-flops or sometimes their farm rubber boots when it is raining. So now I am looking at getting them a Dansko shoes that is known for its comfort and light to wear. It will be a great help for them to use everyday not only going to the farm but also to wear casually. When I told my sister about it, she also wanted to have one because she started to have joint pains in her legs due to arthritis as well.

Do You have Allergy?

I do have. When I was in high school my allergy attacked when it is humid, hot and dusty. During college the university that I went to has a nice weather and colder temperature. I thought my allergy will be gone bust surprisingly, it shifted. I don't get allergies anymore when it's hot, humid and dusty but have when it's cold. I think because of the surrounding trees through which the pollination triggers allergy attacks. I did not take any medications then unless it's very severe. I think I am lucky since at my last year in the university my allergy attack vanished. Until I went to work in our province I did not have any attacks at all. When I got here in the US I did not have any attacks until last spring time. The pollens here is very heavy since there are so many trees and flowers here in the evergreen state. I had an attack last year but it wasn't severe. This week when the temperature became warmer the pollen also becomes heavier. When I drove my car on Tuesday going to the hospital it needs washing since tiny yellow dusts, pollen, are all over it. Also earlier I was driving and when I open the car door the pollen's all over me that made me cough and my eyes started to itch. I'll try not to be out more often this weekend to prevent this allergy from coming back.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Liquid Scenarios Viewer

I am not a business person and I don't know if I ever become a successful one. But I am trying to learn how to invest. Before we experience the economic downturn I already told my husband that I need to learn basic investing. At least to familiarize whatever it is that we are going to venture into. Then I got sidetrack with something else although hubby started a little through our bank. When the recession hit, we decided to be cautious and put money where it is safe and secure.

One of the lessons I also learned from reading various financial and investment articles is through - Seeing Into the Future of IPOs with the use of a Liquid Scenarios software. Accordingly, an IPO is a risky investment that is why checking its future is helpful to investors. The Liquid Scenarios Viewer will enable the user to see the future picture of his newly opened company by looking into the past of a successful company with format similar to theirs. They can check back their model companies and see what their previous transactions without spending too much time and money in doing so. I am not well versed about this software but reviews says it's very easy to use even a child can do it. If you are a budding investor and you wanted to know if you have a viable business or investment, you can check out Liquid Scenarios at

New Teleserye

If you are a Filipino living overseas and subscribed to TFC, The Filipino Channel, you can relate to what I am talking in here.

Anyways, the new 'teleserye' or television series "Kambal sa Uma" which was aired starting this week is really a hit, well, at least for me. The story is very interesting. It also depicts how some people can be so judgemental, cynical and obnoxious. Because they are different, look like a rat, people assumed they're the cause of the plague in the hacienda.

I am looking forward for the daily episodes of this program. I am curious of what will happen in the end :-) I am happy that ABS-CBN continues to bring great stories in their teleseryes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pregnancy Advice

Today's generation is very fortunate because of the technology. Getting advice is not anymore remote for everyone who has access to internet. The world wide web is a vast resource to almost anything you want to know. From personal to business advices, the internet is surely just a click away. When I was in college I only have limited access to internet. Working with my research paper was a very tedious thing to do. But now it's very easy. Since I move here in the US I am pampered with a 24/7 internet connection that when I got pregnant for the first time the internet is my best friend. I used it in searching for answers of different pregnancy issues. To name one site, there is gurgle pregnancy at that is very helpful in this aspect. This site really helps first time Moms or parents in various pregnancy issues, child rearing, parenting and many others. Even for those who are trying to become parents, if you go to this site you can find forums and communities that share the same predicament as yours. There are also lots of articles that are very informative and applicable to our daily lives as parents. Examples include tips on how to tackle sibling rivalry, tackling kids' bad habits, tantrums, and more. I am very grateful for an online service such as this because it does not only give us knowledge and facts but also meet other people that we can share with and learn from their experience.

Off to my Dr.'s Appointment

Last night hubby after picked my up from school he went back to his work. They have field training that will end on Thursday. Since today is my follow up check-up with my OB-GYN and he's not here, I will be driving. I don't mind to drive but it's the raining while driving is what I detest the most :-) Though I need to drive more often now because when hubby leave for deployment I will be left on my own. I have to deal with everything for one long year until he comes back. I should also learn to get used to driving with the kind of weather we have here in the north west :-). We have everything here in a whole year and I should be prepared for it. Back to my appointment, hopefully everything will turn out great.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Unlikely Star

I know everyone that reads Yahoo news or watched almost all talk shows and news channels on tv heard about Susan Boyle, a Scottish contestant of the know British Got Talent. I didn't know about the news until my husband read on it first and told me about it. I am so amazed by her voice while singing I Dream, a Dream from Les Miserables on the said show. I even teared up hearing her angelic voice. According to many reports and opinions that she is an unlikely star. Not only of her looks but when she told everyone that she's never been kissed. The audience and judges of BGT were stunned hearing her sing. They're all surprised that she can blow very well. Some even think, before the performance, that she may be the next William Hung and cynical about her. You can't really judge a book by its cover. I greatly applaud Ms. Boyle and hope her career will last. She is an inspiration to all.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ask the UPS Guy

I heard somebody that said, if you are lost, don't know the place you are looking for and no map to use you can always ask the UPS guy :-) If you are not quick to pick up you would really ask back why the UPS guy. I kind of agree with it because those delivery persons can give you a guide or direction of addresses. They almost covered all the nook and cranny of the area delivering merchandise. But anyways, speaking of UPS around 10 this morning I heard knock on our door while I was washing dishes. I did not answer right away instead checked through the peep hole who it was. I saw the UPS guy that always delivers packages in our complex. He's delivering the cookbook I ordered at

I received two packages from UPS one for me and one addressed to my husband. When he handed me the small machine to sign for the delivery he then asked me "kumusta" meaning "how are you". I said "mabuti" meaning "I'm fine" and asked him "you're Filipino too?", he replied yes. He said that he heard Willie Revillame at the background that is why he asked "kumusta". It's not that Willie is in the house but me and our DD watched TFC's Wowowe. :-) I always thought that the delivery guy is Chinese because he looks more so rather than Filipino. I am still waiting for another delivery from amazon, it's a workbook for my CPT class. I am hoping for it to be delivered soon so I can start with it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Sports Gifts

Our eldest son will be graduating in high school and we will all be attending to his graduation. He will graduate with honors because he's a straight "A" student. We are very proud of him, especially the Daddy, because he is really doing great despite the situation. Since he is into sports, he play football and also wrestling, like what you see in ultimate fighting, I am looking into giving him gift that gears towards sports. I looked at and they have lots of selection for sports gifts. I wanted hubby to check the site too so we can both decide what gift we will give to him that he can use when he go to college. The good thing of getting an item from them is that you can personalized it. Hopefully we will be able to decide as soon as possible so we will get it before graduation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's the Latest?

We are just getting busy with family life and studies. Yeah, both me and hubby is in school and even if I am not working like he does, but got caught up with the house chores and taking care of our DD. Anyways, for my school updates I had my first day of class on Saturday for my Procedural Coding. My class started at 8am. I woke up almost 7am and instead of waking up our DD and hubby I decided to drive to school. Hubby was surprised that I finally decided to drive. I always ask him to drive me to school and then pick me up after. That's a thing in the past now :-) I told him that during my Saturday class I will drive myself so they will not wake up that early. He said it felt different but I know we'll get used to the arrangement. My class ended at 12pm and when I arrived home the apartment was clean and our DD had her bath already and ready for lunch. After lunch we decided to head to the mall for window shopping before doing our grocery shopping.

On Sunday, we just stayed home the whole day. It was raining and we did not like going out. Since we need to go to Hawaii in June, we then browsed online for vacation deals. We used different travel sites and compared prices the whole day but we finalized and booked the travel yesterday. Now we already have our tickets, where we are staying in Hawaii and car rental. We will just wait for that day to come and we're off to Hawaii. We will be staying there for 4 days and 3 nights only. It's just a short stay because hubby can't get a long vacation just yet. This will be my third time to Hawaii and I am still excited to visit the great island.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Auto Appraisal

About a month ago our local news reported about a certain vehicle owner made a complaint due to a wrong appraisal of the value of his vehicle. He was selling his corvette and when it was being appraised he was given a smaller value thereby selling the vehicle at lower price. I believed he had it appraised again and it was found out that the first appraiser did not correctly appraise the vehicle. This is why if you are going to have your auto value appraised, make sure to get a reliable and trusted one. Appraisal Group of America can very well help you if you are looking for one. You can check out and ask for their assistance. They are also helpful if one got into an accident and the insurance will not appraise the value correctly. I heard often times that the appraisal from insurance companies have lower amount which is not really fair at times. There are many testimonials that Appraisal Group of America is doing a great deal in giving the vehicle owner what is due for them. They are also making sure that the check replacement for your loss is accurate and paying the diminished value. So for evaluation, you can call them now and it's for free.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Day of Class

I am enrolled for two classes this Spring quarter and had my first day of class Tuesday night. My class every Tuesday is Diagnostic Coding and every Saturday Procedural Coding. This is my last quarter to finish my Medical Coding Certificate. I was later for couple of minutes on Tuesday but being the first day of class our instructor gave us a pass. I wasn't the only late to come in. There were others that came in 30 minutes past. So far this class is very interesting and I know I will learn a lot. Medical coding is very vital in health care because it is the basis to get health care reimbursement/payment, used in statistics of mortality and morbidity, basis for research in improving the status of health care in the country. It is very challenging too because some diagnostic codes and procedural codes changes every year; meaning there will be codes that will be excluded or stopped being used and some are added. I was looking at the books and said to myself there is no way I can memorize codes. It is just too much. Good thing though every exams we have will be open notes, open books and open everything :-) Our finals will be on June 9th and hopefully I will get good grades with this class too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diet Pill

Are you looking for a way to loss weight? I read at that Apidexin is a number one diet pill because it has eight patented weight loss ingredients. I read a lot of testimonials from the users that they losses more fat rapidly than not using this product. If you are interested to know more about this number one diet pill you can check the site I gave above. You can also find FAQ information in the website that is very helpful. I talked to my Mom earlier and she told me that my younger sister is having problem with her weight gain. I admit that weight gain is a problem in the family and if I am not careful with what I am eating I would end up gaining as much weight. So now that I don't need diet pill yet I have to make a move and start a healthy life path.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is our daughter's favorite food as of this time. When we go out and dine I usually get spaghetti for her. At home I don't cook it as much so I buy the Boyarde spaghetti and meatballs in small can. She gets it either once or twice a week. In lieu of it, I cook pancit canton/lo mien and also make some pasta soup.

For me I learn to love eating spaghetti when I was in elementary. Every time my aunt comes home from the university every semester break she will always cook spaghetti. When I was young I used to dislike it but later on it's been one of my favorites. I am glad our DD is liking it now this early.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Price Reduced on Hotel Accommodation

We have a plan to go to Hawaii this coming June. The kids are there and hubby wants to see them before he leave for deployment in August. We already scout for prices in hotel accommodation and even thinking of getting a vacation package. If we can determine the dates then we will buy tickets and make reservation. Hubby's siblings are also in New York and since they cannot come over here to see him before he leaves, we are also thinking of making a trip there. We have free round trip airline ticket from our miles earned so we will only pay for hotel. We decided not to stay in one of his brother's place because we don't want to disturb their privacy. They wanted us to stay with them though just like the last time we visited them but now that we have a child, we don't want to be a hassle to them. So I am looking for New York City hotel that we can hopefully stay in there that is not expensive. I am positive we can get a good deal since most hotels reduced their rates in response to the economic downturn.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway Pix

Above are just two of the many shots we took during our weekend getaway at the Children's Museum this past weekend. Daddy and DD were looking down to the dancing water fountain at the Seattle Center that is one of the main attraction there. The kids below, near the water, were enjoying it very much. Even our DD was screaming with glee too when she saw it. I mentioned here that come summer time when the weather temperature goes up I will allow our DD to go near the water with Daddy of course. I am pretty sure she will be thrilled with it.

The other picture, me and our DD, was taken inside the museum. It is one of the exhibit there where kids can pretend to be a fireman driving a fire truck complete with uniform too. Since our DD love to hop on toy trucks like it, she was running toward it when she saw it. I did not let her wear the fireman suit because its too big for her. I just let her wore the hat and had her at the driver's seat. She liked the idea of turning the steering wheel all to herself. I would say the museum is very fun for the kids to learn a lot of things and experience it to their level what the big people are doing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best USA Online Poker

I always receive invitation from my friends on Facebook to play poker. Honestly I am not so familiar with this card game but I've played it before. I must admit though that when I play I have my husband as a coach. But anyways, talking about poker we know that this is a very familiar game to those casino enthusiasts. The good thing now with the advent of technology is the accessibility to play this game anywhere you are as long as you have a computer and internet connection. In the internet world everything is possible. If you want to play or gamble you don't have to go far anymore. So, if you want to play you can only check online. But if you do that make sure that you go to a site that is reputable and reliable. You can check for the best usa online poker through different search tools and also you can go to and you will see different online casinos with reviews. This site will assist US players in locating the best online casino there is. They feature on their site top ten casinos that is safe, reliable and trustworthy. We know that in as much as there are good ones, there are also bad ones. Users must be aware what are the difference between the two and use their good judgment in finding for the one that they can play safely.

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