Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ask the UPS Guy

I heard somebody that said, if you are lost, don't know the place you are looking for and no map to use you can always ask the UPS guy :-) If you are not quick to pick up you would really ask back why the UPS guy. I kind of agree with it because those delivery persons can give you a guide or direction of addresses. They almost covered all the nook and cranny of the area delivering merchandise. But anyways, speaking of UPS around 10 this morning I heard knock on our door while I was washing dishes. I did not answer right away instead checked through the peep hole who it was. I saw the UPS guy that always delivers packages in our complex. He's delivering the cookbook I ordered at

I received two packages from UPS one for me and one addressed to my husband. When he handed me the small machine to sign for the delivery he then asked me "kumusta" meaning "how are you". I said "mabuti" meaning "I'm fine" and asked him "you're Filipino too?", he replied yes. He said that he heard Willie Revillame at the background that is why he asked "kumusta". It's not that Willie is in the house but me and our DD watched TFC's Wowowe. :-) I always thought that the delivery guy is Chinese because he looks more so rather than Filipino. I am still waiting for another delivery from amazon, it's a workbook for my CPT class. I am hoping for it to be delivered soon so I can start with it.

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