Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You have Allergy?

I do have. When I was in high school my allergy attacked when it is humid, hot and dusty. During college the university that I went to has a nice weather and colder temperature. I thought my allergy will be gone bust surprisingly, it shifted. I don't get allergies anymore when it's hot, humid and dusty but have when it's cold. I think because of the surrounding trees through which the pollination triggers allergy attacks. I did not take any medications then unless it's very severe. I think I am lucky since at my last year in the university my allergy attack vanished. Until I went to work in our province I did not have any attacks at all. When I got here in the US I did not have any attacks until last spring time. The pollens here is very heavy since there are so many trees and flowers here in the evergreen state. I had an attack last year but it wasn't severe. This week when the temperature became warmer the pollen also becomes heavier. When I drove my car on Tuesday going to the hospital it needs washing since tiny yellow dusts, pollen, are all over it. Also earlier I was driving and when I open the car door the pollen's all over me that made me cough and my eyes started to itch. I'll try not to be out more often this weekend to prevent this allergy from coming back.

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