Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Day of Class

I am enrolled for two classes this Spring quarter and had my first day of class Tuesday night. My class every Tuesday is Diagnostic Coding and every Saturday Procedural Coding. This is my last quarter to finish my Medical Coding Certificate. I was later for couple of minutes on Tuesday but being the first day of class our instructor gave us a pass. I wasn't the only late to come in. There were others that came in 30 minutes past. So far this class is very interesting and I know I will learn a lot. Medical coding is very vital in health care because it is the basis to get health care reimbursement/payment, used in statistics of mortality and morbidity, basis for research in improving the status of health care in the country. It is very challenging too because some diagnostic codes and procedural codes changes every year; meaning there will be codes that will be excluded or stopped being used and some are added. I was looking at the books and said to myself there is no way I can memorize codes. It is just too much. Good thing though every exams we have will be open notes, open books and open everything :-) Our finals will be on June 9th and hopefully I will get good grades with this class too.

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Blogger Rise said...

hope the best for you

""rare*jonRez"" said...

maypa ka bless kay consistent na jud ang schooling. ako ani nus-a pa kaya.. hahayyy!

by the way Bless, pwede magpa-vote sa imo sa contest nga akong gi-apilan? number 8 ko ani nga link Bless:

akong entry naa ana nga page, kanang akong widget. salamat daan Bless ha? i will really be honored to have ur vote! :-)

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