Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pregnancy Advice

Today's generation is very fortunate because of the technology. Getting advice is not anymore remote for everyone who has access to internet. The world wide web is a vast resource to almost anything you want to know. From personal to business advices, the internet is surely just a click away. When I was in college I only have limited access to internet. Working with my research paper was a very tedious thing to do. But now it's very easy. Since I move here in the US I am pampered with a 24/7 internet connection that when I got pregnant for the first time the internet is my best friend. I used it in searching for answers of different pregnancy issues. To name one site, there is gurgle pregnancy at that is very helpful in this aspect. This site really helps first time Moms or parents in various pregnancy issues, child rearing, parenting and many others. Even for those who are trying to become parents, if you go to this site you can find forums and communities that share the same predicament as yours. There are also lots of articles that are very informative and applicable to our daily lives as parents. Examples include tips on how to tackle sibling rivalry, tackling kids' bad habits, tantrums, and more. I am very grateful for an online service such as this because it does not only give us knowledge and facts but also meet other people that we can share with and learn from their experience.

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janice_phil said...

indeed. you are absolutely correct. the internet played a vital role in human life now a days and i would say its a part of human evolution...anything vague go to your pc and just start type about it and all the pieces of information as well as pieces of ADVICE are there an will flash before your eyes isn't it just simply amazing???? hehehehe..

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